Don’t miss a chance to dine at Margarita Grill in Glen, NH


That’s one of many reasons we like Margarita Grill. After a long day, after our plans had fallen apart, it was a good choice just sit, relax, and try to puzzle out just how you’ll eat all this delicious Mexican food.

The staff are super nice (and they didn’t even mind how late we came in) and the food was as good as it looked. Thanks, Margarita Grill! We’ll be back soon…


Jackson Art Studio & Gallery

We love Jackson Art Studio and Gallery!

Not only do they offer great art classes for the curious, (just don’t step on a deer like our writer did) but they showcase some of the best artists of the valley.

Just recently, we attended an art opening for local artists like Melanie Leavitt and June McLeavey, who showed off their best work at this beautiful gallery. Not only was it truly amazing to see such a breadth of work… but it’s a great way to meet up with our artist friends and get in touch with the Valley’s artist community.

Check them out online for a calendar of upcoming shows, classes or demonstrations!

Shop the White Mountain Independents

So, recently we stopped into Fields of Ambrosia to ask owner Deb Jasien, “What, exactly, does the White Mountain Independents organization do?”

Turns out, it’s a lot! In 2016, businesses all over valley banded together to create a network of local businesses that’d support local craftsmen, makers, and creators. Some of the most unique businesses of the valley are counted among their ranks – Bavarian Chocolate Haus, the Penguin, Soyfire Candle, Four Your Paws Only, White Mountain Olive Oil Co, and White Birch Books.

All these businesses work to support each other – and the valley itself. Four Your Paws Only buys some of its products from Fields of Ambrosia, and the other independents have also pooled their money together to support schools like Kennett or Fryeburg.

By supporting them, you’re not just supporting local businesses – you’re supporting the valley itself. For more information contact White Mountain Independents.

Things are cooking at the Bernerhof Inn

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Cooking can seem remote and inaccessible when you’re young. Which is why we’re grateful to the Bernerhof Inn for the pasta cooking class  we recently participated in. We learned just how easy it is to make pasta! If you’re like us and you just pick up pasta at the store to boil it later, this would’ve been like a revelation. First, we made the dough with eggs, semolina, and flour, (did you know that semolina is so important to pasta? I didn’t!) then we got to shaping it into raviolis, which we’d filled with mushroom and mozzarella.

Best of all, the whole time we talked with the chefs like old friends, making it feel like a lovely afternoon cooking together. They even served us cheesecake! This class was fun and full of camaraderie, and most importantly, it’s a good way to see that cooking isn’t as “impastable” as you might think.

The Taste of the Mountains Cooking School at Bernerhof Inn has new spring classes coming soon. For more information visit Bernerhof Inn.

An exciting update for Mountain Top Music Center

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Mountain Top Music Center is renovating and revitalizing the historic Bolduc Block in downtown Conway Village!

We recently took a tour of the facility and it looks like things are really shaping up! A five-year fundraising effort has raised the dollars needed to create new quarters for the Mountain Top Music School, make the building’s four storefronts available for tenants, and return the Majestic Theatre to a usable condition.

For those of you who don’t know, Mountain Top Music is a music school that provides lessons for people of all ages. Typically, they’ve hosted concerts in the homes of sympathetic valley residents, but that’s about to change with this new building.

As it is the former Majestic theater, (built in 1931) it will feature a space perfect for live performances. This new location will also feature upstairs classrooms, and it’ll even be handicap-accessible.

We look forward to seeing what these bold steps forward do for both Mountain Top Music 𝘢𝘯𝘥 Conway Village.

It’s worth a visit to Veno’s Specialty Foods & Meats

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

We just stopped by Veno’s out of curiosity, and we’ve come to one conclusion: if there’s 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘦 we’d like to go to pick up some quality meat for dinner, Veno’s is near the top of the list! They have a wide variety of specially prepared meats, prime ribeyes, prime strips, prime tenderloin, marinated steak tips as well as a variety of housemade sausage, and other mouth-watering things like burger patties with applewood bacon and cheddar, or bleu cheese.

And, as much of it as possible, it is locally sourced! They use beer from both the Moat and Tuckermans for marinades, they buy locally sourced cheeses, they sell a selection from White Mountain Winery, and source their desserts from a local bakery.

They make a point of having a business model that is as  healthy and farm-focused as possible, sourcing food from the common (chicken, pork, lamb) to the wild game (boar, bison) from farms from Maine to upstate New York, all with absolutely no hormones, no antibiotic, free to roam and humanely harvested. They keep their carbon footprint low by using environmentally conscious packing and participating in a local recycling program. And – thanks to the local focus – it can be made to your specifications. If you want ingredients removed for any reason or special order, you 𝘤𝘢𝘯!

If you have an event coming up soon or you’re just interested in getting something unique, give Veno’s a try!

Shouts out to local owners Jason and Kendra Veno and their employees who were nice enough to answer our questions and let us hang back and take photos.

There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate!

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Bavarian Chocolate Haus is impossible to ignore when you first see it. There’s the jaunty European music it pipes out, the almost fairytale look of the building they have occupied for 20 years, and the wall-to-wall chocolate inside.

We talked with their staff, and they greeted us like old friends and this friendliness is reflected in all the chocolates they sell.

Owners Scott Ferrari and David Hallett make the majority of chocolates they sell right in their shop. They consider themselves a traditional chocolate shop and use the freshest ingredients and avoid adding anything unnecessary to their chocolate.

Their vast selection of dark, milk and white chocolate treats includes fudge, hot fudge, specialty food items, holiday items and gift boxes. We had to try something, of course! Our personal pick on this visit was a truffle with dark chocolate and blueberry, and something with dark chocolate, sea salt, and caramel!

Bavarian Chocolate Haus has an online store and offers a newsletter to keep you notified of specials. They’ll even offer some bits of chocolate or German trivia. They also have a second location in Bridgton. Make sure to stop in and say hello when you are in town.

Check out International Mountain Equipment and Climbing School

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

What’s going on at International Mountain Climbing School, during the odd slow and transitional period that is early May?

Well, first of all, they’re still finding time to ski up in the snowfields near Tuckerman Ravine. If you want to get any super-late-season skiing in, then you have options! But that’s winding down, and they’re building up to less wintry activities as we speak, with an upcoming event on May 18 – “Spring Top-Tope Special” where they provide gear for anyone – yes, that includes you – to try out rock climbing for the first time, at locations of their choosing. Shake out those cobwebs and get the season started!  This is a group top-rope rock climbing day for all abilities.  In the morning, they’ll spend some time teaching and reviewing belaying and movement skills, but the day’s main focus will be on simply getting out climbing.  This is perfect for someone who is looking to step out of the gym and get an introduction to the challenging sport of outdoor rock climbing.

They’ll be gradually building up to all-day climbing camps, full-day climbing, and more family-oriented climbing for all ages, based on skill-level.

While we’re at it, IMC is also a good place to start preparing for climbing out of state – Company President Brad White explained to us how several climbers were planning on canyoneering out in the desert, and they saw the White Mountains as a good place to learn.

Keep an eye on IMCS – it only gets better from here!

J-Town Deli & Country Store… Always a Good Place to Eat and Meet

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce


Breakfast at the J-town Deli proved to be an excellent surprise, serving up a plate of scrambled eggs, sourdough toast, and absolutely delicious sausage. It was a beautifully relaxing morning, and a perfect way to start the day.

J-Town Deli & Country Store is located in Jackson Village right next to Wentworth Golf Course. They sell wine and beer and offer an extensive catering menu for events of all sizes.

They consider themselves a classic New England Bistro and Emporium with plenty of what you do need and lots of what you really want. They feature local food items and and an amazing array of beautifully crafted gifts from local artists.

J-Town Deli & Country Store is a great first stop on your way to a great day of recreational or a great start to your work day. Stop by and visit, we promise you will be happy you did!


Assistance Canine Training Services Holds Graduation

A.C.T.S., Assistance Canine Training Services recently hosted a graduation ceremony for various service dogs – including adorable puppy Finley, who we recently met. The ceremony included demonstrations of how these service dogs have helped people, with one memorable story detailing how a dog was responsible for helping someone get to physical therapy, and how another one helped someone develop some responsibility. The dogs also exercised incredible self-control, with one carrying his own treats, and another showing his ability to relay written notes between people.

At the end, these dogs were awarded with prestigious red vests declaring them certified service dogs. We wish them and their owners the best!

Assistance Canine Training Services is the only ADI accredited service dog organization in New Hampshire. Under the leadership of Robin Crocker, A.C.T.S. is currently an all volunteer organization currently working toward full certification with Assistance Dogs International.  A.C.T.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

They are 100% volunteer. Check their website for more information.

Stroll the 5 mile loop in Jackson

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

We took a walk along the Five Mile Loop in Jackson! The scenery was as beautiful as ever, and it proved to be a great way to see the area. We visited this a few weeks ago so there was still snow on the ground but it should mostly be gone now.

There’s a number of fun places you could stop on this route, such as the Shovel Handle Pub, J-Town Deli, or the Eagle Mountain House, to quench your thirst or get a bite to eat.

Spring is a great time for a trim

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

With the arrival of spring, I thought it might be a good time to trim the hair that’s gone wild over winter. Our first choice for this was the Village Barbershop, located in downtown North Conway just next to the Ben and Jerry’s (and the steam locomotive).

Village Barbershop

They immediately accepted me a walk-in, and got to trimming my overgrown mane of hair. They were incredibly nice to me the whole time, and even explained how so much of the decor comes from the 1950s – the cash register and chairs, for example, are originals from that era.

Thanks for being so nice, Village Barbershop, and thanks for a great haircut. Visit them online or call 603-356-7480.

Anything is Possible!

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