Understanding Life Insurance Terms

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Like many industries, the world of insurance has its own unique set of vocabulary to describe its products. To help you understand the information included in a life insurance policy, we’ve gathered some basic terminology in this easy-to-reference overview.

Beneficiary: The person or party named by the owner of a life insurance policy to receive the policy benefit.

Cash value: The savings element of a permanent life insurance policy, which represents the policy owner’s interest in the policy.

Contingent beneficiary: The party designated to receive proceeds of a life insurance policy following the insured’s death if the primary beneficiary predeceased the insured.

Convertible term insurance policy: A term life insurance policy that gives the policy owner the right to convert the policy to a permanent plan of insurance.

Dividend: A return of part of the premium.

Face amount: The amount of the death benefit payable under a life insurance policy.

Irrevocable beneficiary: A life insurance policy beneficiary who has a vested interest in the policy proceeds even during the insured’s lifetime because the policy owner has the right to change the beneficiary designation only after obtaining the beneficiary’s consent.

Insurable interest: The interest an insurance policy owner has in the risk that is insured. The owner of a life insurance policy has an insurable interest in the insured when the policy owner is likely to benefit if the insured continues to live and is likely to suffer some loss or detriment if the insured dies.

Insured life: The person on whose life the policy is issued.

Original age conversion: A conversion of a term life insurance policy to a permanent plan of insurance at a premium rate, based on the insured’s age when the original term policy was purchased.

Permanent life insurance: Life insurance that provides coverage throughout the insured’s lifetime and also provides a savings element.

Policy anniversary: As a general rule, the date on which coverage under an insurance policy became effective.

Premiums: Amount paid to the insurance company to buy a policy and keep it in force.

Renewable term life insurance: A term life insurance policy that can be renewed at the end of the policy term.

Term life insurance: A life insurance policy that provides a stated benefit upon the holder’s death, provided that the death occurs within a certain specified time period. Policy does not build up a cash value.

Universal life insurance: A type of flexible permanent life insurance offering both term life insurance as well as a savings element, which is invested to provide a cash value buildup. The death benefit, savings element and premiums can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder’s circumstances change.

Whole life insurance: A basic type of permanent life insurance. It provides coverage that lasts a lifetime and also builds up a cash value that you can borrow against, withdraw or use to pay future premiums.

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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall in the Mt. Washington Valley

It’s not hard to enjoy the fall season in the Mt. Washington Valley. Mother Nature puts on such a show that entertainment can be found just by taking in the vivid change in leaves.

If you’re looking to pair this natural art show with an activity though, the Mt. Washington Valley has fall foliage fun down to a science. Experience these five fun ways to revel in fall and make the most of this fleeting, yet fierce season! For more fall foliage information, click here!

  1. Take a drive! This is an easy answer, we know! But a scenic drive is so classic, that we can’t overlook it. There are multiple routes to go and different experiences to have! Click this link for a complete map of ten scenic drives to take throughout the Mt. Washington Valley. Some of our favorites include:

    Route 153 through Eaton and Freedom. You pass by the Little White Church,

    Crystal Lake and Little White Church in Eaton, NH. Photo: Wiseguy Creative

    pictured here, and can even have breakfast at the iconic Eaton Village Store. This quaint town is the living definition of a small New England Town.

    Crawford Notch on Route 302 or Pinkham Notch on Route 16. Both take you into the heart of the Northern White Mountains where you’ll enjoy the serenity of passing by acres and acres of forest and the brief loss of cell phone service! If you take the Crawford Notch route, stop at the Omni Mount Washington Resort and enjoy a beverage on the veranda of this historic hotel. If you go the Route 16, Pinkham Notch way, take a trip up Wildcat Mountain on its Gondola and zip line down the mountain!

  2. Take a hike! Ok, ok, another easy answer, but hiking in the MWV is so plentiful, we can’t help buy spout off about how wonderful it is. There are acres and acres of forest to choose a hike from. Make it a small and short walk on a path to view a waterfall, an efficient five-mile round-trip jaunt up a mountain, or plan an excursion that will take up your whole day. Click this link for a run-down of our favorite hikes.
  3. Apple Press and eat doughnuts. Add some food in the mix and stop by some of the
    Fresh apple cider doughnuts and a “Cider Slush” at the White Mountain Cider Company’s market.

    valley’s greatest bakeries and cafes for a taste of fall. The White Mountain Cider Company, for example, runs a market that offers breakfast and lunch items as well as snacks and grab-and-go dinner items. What its market is most known for is its freshly pressed apple cider and doughnuts. It’s a must-stop for fall connoisseurs.

    You can also find freshly made doughnuts throughout the valley in local cafes, boasting the delicious recipes of local bakers from Conway, North Conway and beyond. Click the link for the valley’s bakeries and cafes.

  4. Go for a beer tasting. Leisurely wind your way throughout the Mt. Washington Valley by enjoying the scenery and a beer at each stop. You can start in Conway at Tuckerman Brewing Company and then take the Kancamagus Highway to Bear Notch Road, which will spit you out in Bartlett, NH. Head back south on Route 302 and hit-up Moat Mountain Smoke House and Brewing Co. to taste its fleet of home-brewed beers.

    Or start at Saco Brewing Company in Fryeburg and make your way to Route 2 through Evan’s Notch and link over to Route 16 through Gorham. Evan’s Notch is an unsung hero within the Notch’s and a rustic way to take in the colors. Be sure to check driving conditions, because paving has been going on since July 2019 in Evan’s Notch. While the road is open, it sometimes only a one-lane road.

    Click for a complete list of the valley’s pubs and breweries.

  5. Take a Plein Air Painting course. Make fall experiential and add an activity to it. 58652599_2569387656428245_8402340049827397632_oThere are tons of fall-based activities to sign up for and they will totally give you a new perspective on this season.

    Consider taking a Plein Air Painting course through the Jackson Art Studio. Paint a live foliage scene outdoors with guidance from an instructor and learn different techniques and color exploration within this realm.

You can’t go wrong spending time in the Mt. Washington Valley during foliage season. We’re just happy you’re here spending it here with us, and we hope these five different ideas of how to use your time helps you plan a fall getaway you’ll remember for years to come!

8 Ways to Save On Auto Insurance

Presented by Chalmers Insurance Group
Proudly Representing Patriot Insurance Company

Rising premiums may leave you wondering what you can do to save money on auto insurance. While you can’t control all of the factors influencing your premiums, there are a number of cost-saving strategies you can use:


Adult male behind the wheel

  1. Maintain a clean driving record. Your driving record is one of the largest factors that insurers consider when determining your auto insurance premium. You should always practice safe driving by eliminating distractions, focusing on your surroundings and driving defensively.
  2. Take advantage of discounts. Most insurers offer a wide range of discounts. Ask your insurance agent what discounts may be available to you—such as good driver or good student discounts, or taking driver’s safety courses.
  3. Consult your agent. Every insurance company has their own way of determining your premium costs based off your personal information. Work with your insurance agent to review your coverage. This will allow you to choose the best pricing for your desired coverage options.
  4. Choose the right deductible for you. Having a higher deductible will reduce your premium costs since you’ll then be paying more out of pocket if you file a claim. If you have a clean driving record, haven’t been at-fault for any accidents and can afford to pay a higher deductible, you may want to consider choosing a high-deductible plan.
  5. Reduce and report your mileage. A big component of your premium costs depends on how many miles you drive per year. If possible, try to limit your driving. And if you have reduced mileage, make sure to contact your insurer to let them know—you could potentially cut your insurance rate.
  6. Choose a car that’s easy to insure. Vehicles that have lower safety ratings and are more expensive to repair typically have a higher premium. Ask your insurance agent about the different premiums available for each model of the vehicle you are considering in order to determine which car is the most cost-effective to insure.
  7. Maintain a good credit history. Most insurance companies will look at your credit when determining your premium. You should routinely check your credit report for inaccuracies, keep credit card balances low and make all credit card and loan payments on time.
  8. Bundle your policies. Most insurance companies will offer you the option to bundle multiple policies together in order to save money. For example, many companies offer substantial discounts if you insure your home and auto policy with them.

For More Information

To talk more about ways to save on your auto insurance policy, contact Chalmers Insurance Group.

Flower Pots in North Conway Village Get a Facelift

This summer, as the large plastic flower pots that have lined the sidewalks of North Conway Village for 10 years made their way outside, Laura Denis, owner of Frontside Coffee Roasters on Main Street, noticed that the pots were showing their age and suffering from exposure to the elements. Denis wondered what could be done to help beautify the pots and brought an idea to the Chamber of Commerce.

“Having a member take an interest in community beautification projects is welcomed anytime,” said Janice Crawford, Executive Director of the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. “Coming to the chamber with an idea is a great way to learn how projects like this may be funded, what processes are necessary when a project involves town property or requires a permit, and the value of the Chamber’s connections with organizations in the community.”

The building and trades workshop.
Paul Cail, with students of the building and trades class.

The Chamber reached out to Virginia Schrader, Director of the MWV Career & Technical Center at Kennett High School which offers education in eleven programs, each aligned with learning competencies developed by teachers and industry leaders to best prepare students for the future. Some programs provide industry level certifications as well. The task to design and build 24 planters before the end of the school year was taken on by the building trades class, under the instruction of Paul Cail. Cedar was chosen for its beauty and durability, ensuring the planters will last for a great many years with yearly care and maintenance.

Laura Denis and Nolan Moody of Mountain Management installing the pot covers.
Laura Denis, Frontside Coffee Roasters, Virginia Schrader, Director of the MWV Career & Technical Center at Kennett High School, Paul Cail, Building and Trades Instructor, and Trisha Doyle, Designed Gardens.

Denis, along with Nolan Moody of Mountain Management, transported and installed the planters up and down the village Main Street throughout July. The planters are made to easily fit over and cover the existing plant pot. Jordon Hewson and Trisha Doyle of Designed Gardens Flower Studio, located across from the Eastern Slope Inn Resort, plant and care for the flowers. Designed Gardens, a sponsor of the Chamber’s Annual Meeting, October 29th at The Wentworth Inn, will be creating floral displays with glass and metal pumpkins which will be available for sale at the end of the event.

Flower pot in front of Frontside Coffee Roasters.
Planter in front of Zeb’s General Store.

The planter project was funded by Frontside Coffee Roasters, Zeb’s General Store and the MWV Preservation Association. The cost for yearly beautification is

supported by North Conway Village Association and the sale of the Granite Pavers placed in the North Conway Village sidewalks, which are available for sale to anyone wishing to commemorate a loved one, pet or a special Mt Washington Valley memory.  Information on ordering, fees, and more can be found at mwvpa.org.

The Mt Washington Valley Preservation Association is a 501C3 organization with a mission of beautification and improving the quality of life for MWV citizens.  The organization offers fiscal management and administrative support for small projects seeking these support services.  For further information contact Janice Crawford, President at 603-356-5701 ext. 303.

Coffee in the Mt. Washington Valley

Coffee  – when you travel one of the it’s one of the biggest needs to fill. Where do you go to get the best cup? Do they serve food? What about milk alternatives – do they offer almond milk? What’s their atmosphere – are they artsy, more sensible, rustic?

We have you covered. We’ll take you through the Mt. Washington Valley’s coffee shops so you’re completely prepared the next time you spend the night with us in the valley. For a complete list of cafe’s in the valley, click here

Frontside Coffee Roasters: Chill is the only way to describe the vibe of this coffee shop. 62038351_10162082219460314_3648944205398540288_oRun by an energetic husband and wife team, you’ll find large-scale pieces of art hanging, custom skateboards bolted to the walls, an outdoor and dog-friendly patio, and a tv that displays a rotation of extreme skiing and mountain biking montages. Most importantly, you’ll find coffee that is roasted by the owners.

Featuring a fleet of classic coffee drinks from a latte to a cortado to a chai-fu (chai with a shot of espresso) to drip coffee, your caffeine fix will be met here. Non-coffee options include tea, kombucha, and craft sodas. Fresh, handmade donuts, muffins and cakes are delivered from local bakeries daily; and if you’re lucky you might be able to snag a “Mr. Pretzel” giant soft pretzel on delivery day. Bagel sandwiches, oatmeal, gluten-free treats, and smoothies are also on the food menu.

Frontside Coffee Roasters also serves up beer and wine. It’s a perfect stop before a hike to grab a bagel for the ascent and perfect place to end a hike for a cold beer.

The Metropolitan Coffee House: Featuring two locations, one in North Conway Village and one in Settlers’ Green Outlet Village, you’ll have your every coffee need met here. 27500833_10156444357147662_5948263374807541740_oSpecialty coffee drinks cover all the bases from drip coffee to cappuccino’s to frappe’s. They also highlight their Nitro Coffee which is their specialty cold brewed coffee on tap that’s infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles. The bubbles give the coffee a foamy texture, like beer. Nitro coffee pours out of a tap. As the nitro pours out, it cascades into the cup, separating into a darker and lighter brew, with a thick, foamy top. It looks and has a similar texture to a Guinness beer.

The Met brews with Good Vibes Coffee Roasters coffee, roasted right in Conway, NH.

The Met also has an extensive menu of bagel sandwiches appropriately named after Mt. Washington Valley landmarks, such as “The Saco” made up of a cheesy egg, avocado, tomato and bacon topped with a dab of sriracha sauce. Every morning six varieties of muffins and croissants are baked and freshly baked bagels, made right in North Conway are delivered.

Lunch at The Met offers hot panini’s, cold sandwiches and salads. Gluten-free options for bagels, treats and breads are also offered.

J-Town Deli and Country Store: This is your classic stop for packing all the essentials for 25440105_10156969892554676_240986892997585939_oyour outdoor adventure. Serving up larger than life breakfast and lunch sandwiches and hot coffee drinks from drip to lattes, J-Town also offers the amenities of a country store. Stop in for small grocery items, camping needs, already made dinners and a selection of over 30 beers and 100 wines. They’re a necessary stop for all of your Mt. Washington Valley adventure. 

66246679_406758680182764_9184605430112845824_oFairGrounds Coffee: Located in Fryeburg, ME, just over the border of Conway, NH, FairGrounds Coffee is a beacon of light for those in search of coffee. The space is warm and inviting with indoor and outdoor seating. Serving a fleet of hot and cold coffee drinks, teas, and smoothies, you’ll find everything you’re looking for from a regular cup of joe to chai tea, to salted caramel lattes. 

FairGrounds Coffee also has a menu of smoothies that can act as a snack or a meal, along with bagels and breakfast sandwiches. They also prepare fresh salads, layered with delicious ingredients in a fun grab-and-go cup. Seasonally, FairGrounds Coffee also features a summer music series and holiday parties.

Art as a Destination: Jackson Art Studio and Gallery.

Eight miles outside of North Conway Village, as you drive toward the majestic view of Mount Washington sits Jackson Village. This small town embodies so much of what makes New England charming: narrow, winding roads, scenic views, eclectic businesses, beautiful homes and small cafes. It’s the perfect hide-away to reconnect with all the things that matter the most to you. 

Only a fifteen minute drive from the heart of North Conway Village you’ll find a whimsical floral studio, bakery and cafe that has been featured in “Martha Stewart Living” more than once, a boutique salon, an Irish pub that boasts some of the best Buffalo Chicken Wings in the valley and more! Among these thriving businesses you’ll find Jackson Art Studio & Gallery, nestled at the top of Ridge Road. 

Jackson Art Studio & Gallery is a hybrid of an art gallery and working studio that offers group classes and more intimate, advanced curriculum as well. It’s a port for international artists to bring their craft to the small town of Jackson; bringing a taste of the world to this corner of New England. It’s an education center for fledgling artists; a place for expression for children and teens; an institute for seasoned artists looking to sharpen their already fine-tuned skills; and a hub to connect those that love art and those looking to add more of it to their lives.

The studio and gallery is led by bright colors; juried artists who can also be found 59947492_2588536997846644_6659994641019961344_oworking in the studio; large-scale, abstract paintings; photography; blown glass and more; all with a bright orange couch punctuating the shop’s decor. The space is inviting and luminous and offers a modern take on art that can be hard to find the further away from a city you travel. It’s a taste of metropolitan culture in a small, mountain town. Guests can shop for one-of-a-kind pieces, take a class or plan a more extensive, art-based vacation at Jackson Art Studio and Gallery.

Highlights of its upcoming 2019 calendar include a Palette Knife Technique class with award winning artist, Cynthia Rosen where the class focuses on intent, composition, use of color and technique. Students can also participate in the Introduction to Abstract Painting: Brushwork & Color with Rebecca Klementovich. Artists will create a successful abstract painting in acrylics by exploring innovative mark-making techniques, larger brushes, and color theory. 

Of course, Jackson Art Studio and Gallery’s Sip and Paint events color the studio’s event calendar with a fun and light-hearted evening where anyone can feel confident as an artist. Sip and Paints are relaxed and casual where the group works toward creating the featured painting of the evening. 

Art based vacations are quickly evolving into a main reason to visit the Mt. Washington58652599_2569387656428245_8402340049827397632_o Valley. Providing the basis for culture, relaxation, shopping, movement and excitement all at once, art as a destination is becoming Jackson Art Studio and Gallery’s focus. 

  • You’ll find art retreats that couple together yoga, cuisine, wine tastings and workshops on the studio’s calendar and those are sure to fill up quickly.
  • Regular art shows featuring new pieces, wine reception and a chance to meet the artist(s) are an excellent way to fill your vacation calendar too.
  • Plein Air Series where students leave the four walls of the studio and paint in the great outdoors.
  • All of these events and classes present the opportunity to mingle with locals and travelers who are all connected by their love of art.

And at its very essence, isn’t that what art is supposed to do: connect us all? We come to the Mt. Washington Valley to unplug and reconnect; with friends and family, nature, or with ourselves. The corners of Mt. Washington Valley, including Jackson Village, have amazing opportunities to discover a new way to vacation in the valley through art. For a complete list of galleries and one-of-a-kind shopping, click here. To view Jackson Art Studio and Gallery’s event and class calendar, click here.



Experience the White Mountains reimagined at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort as the iconic North Conway, New Hampshire destination unveils a significant renovation.

Welcoming guests to everything the region has to offer for more than four decades, the rebirth of the resort includes upgrades to all 148 guest rooms.

Guest Room at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort Guest Room at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

Guest Room at the Red Jacket Mountain View ResortVisitors will be welcomed by a bright and airy presentation, with new beds, carpeting, ergonomic desk chairs and bathrooms that include state-of-the-art shower heads.

New flat-screen televisions will entertain guests in every room, which also include sleek telephones and clocks. Our upgrades are a modern twist that still maintain the feel of a traditional New Hampshire getaway.

The re-design aims to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, all without distracting you from your views of the beautiful Moat Mountain Range.

“We couldn’t be more excited to show our guests the new accommodations at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort as we make an already legendary White Mountains experience ever better,” said Paul Rumul, President of The Davenport Companies, which owns the resort.

Escape to the beauty and excitement that only a New Hampshire vacation can offer. The reimagined Red Jacket Mountain View Resort is the perfect location for families and couples who want a central location to all White Mountains activities and adventures.

The resort is also home to the wildly popular 40,000 square foot Kahuna Laguna Water Park, New Hampshire’s largest indoor water park, providing rides and thrills for all ages. Kahuna Laguna was recently ranked as one of the Top 10 indoor water parks in the country by USA TODAY.

Red Jacket Resorts are a group of six resorts in New England owned and operated by The Davenport Companies of South Yarmouth, MA. For more information, please contact Matt Pitta at (508) 760-9293.

Grab a Table in the Great Outdoors of the MWV!

During the summer season, the holy grail of dining can be found in outdoor seating. Being able to enjoy a summer beverage and meal where you can feel the breeze, people watch and in some cases let your dog lay by your side is a real treat. It’s the epitome of what summer is all about – totally relaxing and basking in the best that this season has to offer. 

These hidden gems in the dining world can be found throughout the Mt. Washington Valley. From fine dining to casual bites, you can grab a table outside and enjoy the view with a drink in hand. 

Start out in the Southern end of North Conway and enjoy a pitcher of margaritas from Fiesta Jalisco’s Mexican Restaurant. With bottomless chips and salsa to keep you tied over until your favorite Mexican dishes make their way to your table, you’ll be entertained for hours on its patio. 

Black Cap, located in Settlers’ Crossing, has a metropolitan feel – as if it’s straight out of a neighborhood dwelling in the city and landed among the mountains of New Hampshire. It offers patio dining where you can enjoy eclectic entrees that expand your expectations of casual dining, a solid burger and one of the best “Skinny Margaritas” in the valley. 

Go even more south, and take a scenic drive over Route 153, which brings you to the charming and iconic town of Snowville, NH. Make some noise at the  Max’s Restaurant and Pub at the Snowvillage Inn. Have a signature cocktail on their porch that has direct views of Mount Washington. Stop by on a Thursday in the summer and take part in its “Oyster Orgy” where you can enjoy great drinks, great company and oysters for two bucks a shuck! 

Have you been shopping all day in North Conway Village and are looking for a place to rest your tired feet? Chef’s Bistro, right on the Main Street has coveted outdoor seating. Sit right out on an elevated terrace on the sidewalk and people watch as you enjoy craft cocktails and a menu that focuses on local ingredients. 

Flatbread Company has awesome patio seating with picnic tables to enjoy one of their signature drinks made with vodka, homemade lemonade and a splash of locally tapped Maple Syrup. Trust me, it’s delicious and pairs well with any of Flatbread’s pizzas that uses ingredients from farms throughout New Hampshire. 

If you’ve been playing in the mountains all day and find yourself heading south from Crawford or Pinkham Notch, you have great options to relax on a porch in the northern villages of Mt. Washington Valley.

White Mountain Cider Company, in Glen, offers an extensive bar menu that brings meaning to the term “mixology.” Their drinks are eclectic and bring a fresh perspective to enjoying a cocktail. The “Cider Co.” as locals affectionately call it, is led by a Culinary Institute of America graduate who creates visually stunning dishes that are a true culinary delight. It’s a casual fine dining atmosphere, where you’ll enjoy an out of this valley epicurean experience and still feel comfortable wearing jeans in the establishment. 

On the other side of Glen, about fifteen minutes away, The Thompson House Eatery offers guests a truly exclusive experience with its food and drink. Another casual fine dining experience, guests enjoy dishes that are prepared with ingredients grown on Thompson House’s farm. They offer deck seating which pairs perfectly with one of their summer cocktails featuring recipes such as “The Stag,” with bourbon, amaro nonino,  szechuan simple syrup, pine resin, and a dash black walnut bitters.

This article could go on and on with locally owned restaurants that offer phenomenal dining experiences with outdoor seating. This is just a sampling of what the valley has to offer. Create your own food itinerary and hop from place to place trying new drinks and dishes all while enjoying the summer weather. Click here for a complete list of dining options! 

Don’t miss a chance to dine at Margarita Grill in Glen, NH


That’s one of many reasons we like Margarita Grill. After a long day, after our plans had fallen apart, it was a good choice just sit, relax, and try to puzzle out just how you’ll eat all this delicious Mexican food.

The staff are super nice (and they didn’t even mind how late we came in) and the food was as good as it looked. Thanks, Margarita Grill! We’ll be back soon…

Jackson Art Studio & Gallery

We love Jackson Art Studio and Gallery!

Not only do they offer great art classes for the curious, (just don’t step on a deer like our writer did) but they showcase some of the best artists of the valley.

Just recently, we attended an art opening for local artists like Melanie Leavitt and June McLeavey, who showed off their best work at this beautiful gallery. Not only was it truly amazing to see such a breadth of work… but it’s a great way to meet up with our artist friends and get in touch with the Valley’s artist community.

Check them out online for a calendar of upcoming shows, classes or demonstrations!

Shop the White Mountain Independents

So, recently we stopped into Fields of Ambrosia to ask owner Deb Jasien, “What, exactly, does the White Mountain Independents organization do?”

Turns out, it’s a lot! In 2016, businesses all over valley banded together to create a network of local businesses that’d support local craftsmen, makers, and creators. Some of the most unique businesses of the valley are counted among their ranks – Bavarian Chocolate Haus, the Penguin, Soyfire Candle, Four Your Paws Only, White Mountain Olive Oil Co, and White Birch Books.

All these businesses work to support each other – and the valley itself. Four Your Paws Only buys some of its products from Fields of Ambrosia, and the other independents have also pooled their money together to support schools like Kennett or Fryeburg.

By supporting them, you’re not just supporting local businesses – you’re supporting the valley itself. For more information contact White Mountain Independents.

Things are cooking at the Bernerhof Inn

By Isaac Rader
for the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Cooking can seem remote and inaccessible when you’re young. Which is why we’re grateful to the Bernerhof Inn for the pasta cooking class  we recently participated in. We learned just how easy it is to make pasta! If you’re like us and you just pick up pasta at the store to boil it later, this would’ve been like a revelation. First, we made the dough with eggs, semolina, and flour, (did you know that semolina is so important to pasta? I didn’t!) then we got to shaping it into raviolis, which we’d filled with mushroom and mozzarella.

Best of all, the whole time we talked with the chefs like old friends, making it feel like a lovely afternoon cooking together. They even served us cheesecake! This class was fun and full of camaraderie, and most importantly, it’s a good way to see that cooking isn’t as “impastable” as you might think.

The Taste of the Mountains Cooking School at Bernerhof Inn has new spring classes coming soon. For more information visit Bernerhof Inn.

Anything is Possible!

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