Doug’s Ride for North Conway NH

2004 VTX1300

2004 VTX1300

I am an avid motorcyclist in Mt Washington Valley.  I bought my 2004 VTX from Profile Powersports along with many other accessories for my bike.  I have also purchased items from Whitehorse Gear who carry great motorcycle related products.

Some of the rides I like to take are on the Kancamagus (the Kanc), Route 302 up through Crawford Notch towards the Mount Washington Resort and up Route 16 through Pinkham Notch past Wildcat Ski Area and the Mount Washington Auto Road.

Let me know what your favorite ride or destination in Mt Washington Valley is.

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6 Responses to Doug’s Ride for North Conway NH

  1. scooter says:

    Dear Vespa,

    I love the silver convertible in the background is that a Saab?

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  3. Hey Doug,
    That is one fine looking bike….especially the tailpipe lines/configuration. The bike I own runs on peddle power but it works for me.

    Great blog post…keep em’ coming!

    Your first subscriber.

  4. maryseavey says:

    I am impressed… you are really doing great at this!!

  5. dholmes020105 says:

    Thanks for the replies –

    Scooter – yes it is a Saab, one of our employees drives it, with her blonde hair blowing in the wind.

    Crunchy Blogger – these pipes are aftermarket and sound great and I feel add a whole new look to the bike versus stock.

  6. powersports360 says:

    Interesting! Very useful blog,thanks for sharing updates.

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