On the Road Again….

Don’t get me wrong….I love being on the road….but gas these days…jeez. Doug definitely has the right

potential new buy
potential new buy

idea. I will hopefully be riding again very soon, 60 mpg, HECK YES…SIGN ME UP!!! What’s not to love about riding, the wind blowing through your hair and the thrilling idea of freedom being out on the open road. Hopefully my next purchase…to save $$ on gas….break the bank….and the love to ride…yeah, it’s worth it.

On another note… I do have the longest commute among my fellow co-workers here at the Chamber. I do think I have the most beautiful drive into work every morning from Berlin into North Conway on Rt 16. Does it get any better?? Um, yeah, it will be better on a motorcycle. I couldn’t do it without Nikki & Cooper in the morning, they wake me up and get me into work. Magic 104,  can check out their blog.

*this is not animal abuse. he loves the wubba chicken
*this is not animal abuse. he loves the wubba chicken

O yeah – and my pooch Zander “Zdogg”… I don’t think he’d like the commute on the back seat of a motorcycle but he sure is a good passenger in the car… doesn’t say much.

Trying to spice things up a bit…I’m thinking about poppin’ in a satellite radio. I’ve heard mixed reviews..I want to know what you think? Are you using satellite radio? Which one? What’s working for you?



3 thoughts on “On the Road Again….”

  1. Satellite Radio rules Kelly. I have Sirius in my car. The programming is amazing. They are merging with XM so things will change. I have always bought the cheapest radio because I don’t use all the extra features on the more expensive models and they have worked fine for me. AND…It works throughout the mountains with only occasional dead spots. You can listen to the same station in Berlin, NH as you do in Boston, Jersey, or California. I love it.

  2. hey jmosston! Thanks for the info…I see satellite Radio in my near future. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some more info on their merge. I’m sure they’ll have new products coming out so it should be pretty cool. YEAH dead spots are a given…. specially in our area…can’t complain, love the mountains though. thanks!

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