Food, Rain, Wind and Mud in Mt Washington Valley

This weekend had plenty to offer for those living and visiting Mt Washington Valley.

Friday morning the Mud Bowl kicked off and ran through Sunday and the championship games.  The rain from Hanna on Saturday night helped the field for the mudbowl, but stayed off long enough for the first Annual Fields on the Saco event to go off tremendously.

Speaking of the rains from Hanna, we moved our daughter back to college for her senior year at Endicott and got to drive home 3 hours in the pouring rain Saturday evening.  There were times just seeing the yellow and white lines on the road were near to impossible.

Hanna pushed out in the early hours of Sunday allowing beautiful blue skies for a (windy) motorcycle ride to North Conway and Settlers’ Green OVP to see the annual MWV Old Car Club car and motorcycle show.  The cars were great as always and fun to see.  Not many motorcycles to see though, it made me think I should have entered mine as there was only one “nice” chopper and the rest were run of the mill bikes.  Honda VTX1300C

What did you do this weekend?



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