The Local Grocer is Certified an Environmental Champion by NHSLRP


The Local Grocer’s café and deli in North Conway has been recognized as an Environmental Champion under the New Hampshire Sustainable Restaurant Certification Program.  Organic vegetables, herbs, and grass-fed meat from their own Mountain Flower Farm and other local farms are served in the café and sold in the deli and market. The Local Grocer uses only cleaning products with no harmful chemicals and with a vast knowledge of herbs are able to use herbal deterrents for pest management. Owners Heather Chase and Russell Van Deursen have implemented many energy and water saving initiatives and limit their trash waste to only one or two 50 gallon barrels per week – everything else is recycled or composted.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the US generates 34 million tons of food waste each year which, if sent to the landfill, decomposes to create methane – a potent greenhouse gas. Restaurants and grocery stores are large-scale generators of food waste. “The Local Grocer takes great care to minimize waste in the food preparation process and the little waste they do generate is composted on their farm, thus closing the loop in the food cycle. The owners and staff set a great example for reducing impacts on the environment,” stated Melissa Zych from the Department of Environmental Services’ Pollution Prevention Program, working in partnership with the New Hampshire Sustainable Lodging and Restaurant Program.

For more information on this program or how to become certifiably green visit And for delicious, all-natural take-out or eat-in food, groceries and beverages visit The Local Grocer’s café and deli or stop in at 3358 White Mountain Highway in North Conway!


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