Two Great Workshops Coming up at Telling Tails!


Wag It! Games Workshop
A New Way to Have Fun with Your Dog – with Carolyn Ross
Saturday, February 18 – 1 – 4 p.m.

This is the newest dog sports competition venue created by Sumac Grant-Johnson of Lincolnville, ME.  It incorporates a variety of skills and is geared towards the pet dog owner who is looking for new ways to have fun with their dog. This workshop at Telling Tails Training Center in Fryeburg, ME, will focus on learning the skills to compete in:

Shadow Skills – a combination of Rally Obedience, Canine Freestyle, and Canine Good Citizen skills.  Dog and handler work through a course as a synchronized team. Exercises include heeling on both the  right and left, spins, front crosses, back aways, & pace changes.

Independent Skills – dogs perform a variety of exercises while moving towards, away from, or at a distance from the handler. Exercises include stays, recalls, go to mat, push the light on, jumps, and retrieves.

No Need for Speed Obstacle Skills – Navigating this course does not involve speed but rather the ability to perform challenging obstacles through teamwork. Exercises utilize skateboards, hoops, minitunnels, the Step Bridge, the ladder, and cavalettis.

Wag It Games also include Agility, Water Skills, Scent Games, and Ball Skills.
What to bring: Treats, dog, mat or crate if desired for breaks in-between turns, a smile!
Workshop Fee: $50.00
Call today to sign up ~ 207-642-3693

Rubber Dog Series
Freestyle (dog dancing) and Tricks Training Workshops with Diana Logan
Sundays 2-4 p.m.
February 26
March 25
April 29, 2012

Rubber Dog the new K9 Superhero! A workshop series designed to improve your dog’s mental & physical flexibility with movement, fun & games, tricks and more.
February 26: Freestyle Moves 1
Intro to Canine Musical Freestyle (dog and handler movements put to music): perfect for sharpening your dog’s obedience skills and taking your training to the next level. Class will cover movement and tricks, distance behaviors, backing up and some drill team-like exercises with music.

March 25: Freestyle Moves 2
Take the moves you learned in Freestyle Moves 1 to the next level! Learn how to raise the criteria of your dog’s tricks and link some movements together. Hind end awareness and lateral movement will be introduced. We will also practice a basic drill-team routine.

April 29: Fun and Games
Learn how to use games to build confidence and teach basic behaviors (fetch, find it, tug, go to your crate, recall).
No prior experience necessary, but basic working knowledge of mark-and-reward training is needed.

Freestyle Moves 1 is the prerequisite for Freestyle Moves 2. No prerequisites for Fun and Games.

Please bring to class one hungry dog, treat pouch, lots of small, high-reward treats and mat for your dog to rest on.
$45 per workshop or $120 for all 3!


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