Come Jive at the Jukebox Junction’s Ribbon Cutting!

North Conway is going back to the “good ol’ days!” The new Jukebox Diner, a 1950’s restaurant serving, breakfast lunch dinner is keeping things lively in our town! On Saturday, April 14th they are welcoming the Valley to their ribbon cutting in the Red Barn Outlets on 1976 White Mountain Highway at 11am. Get a taste of everything they offer on their menu and enjoy one free Kitty Cone per person between 11 and 12pm. Play games and see who is the champion of the Limbo and the Hula-Hoop and dance to the tunes of the 1950’s with their jukebox! After all of the excitement, take a rest or take care of errands and return at 6pm for a live celebration with the Echo Tones!


They offer dancing, live music, an authentic old-fashioned soda fountain and breakfast bar, 15% off for Veterans every single day and are becoming well known for their two special sandwiches. One that is famous on its own right and another that is well on its way to becoming infamous! Come in and enjoy the “Elvis,” the King of Rock and Roll’s favorite sandwich, grilled peanut butter, bacon, banana and a dash of honey. If you’re looking for something a little meatier, order the “Jukebox Dog,” a jumbo all beef hot-dog served in a grilled pretzel roll with an array of toppings and condiments. No matter what you order, the Jukebox Junction is proud to serve delicious food with great service and a fun and friendly attitude.


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