Art Classes with Jackson Art Studio!

(scroll down for new weekend workshops & kids after school art!)




Fun for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to the seasoned artist! Spend an evening of creativity as you twist open your favorite bottle of wine (BYOB) and uncork your creativity. Or, come during the day, a great activity for kids & the whole family! PRIVATE PARTIES, TOO!

 $40 includes all your supplies

or call for more information (603) 387-3463









Two Lemons

Wed., April 2  6pm




Wine Bottle

Saturday, April 5  6pm





Little Pink Dress

Sunday, April 6  1pm





Two Pears

Wednesday, April 9  6pm





Tiger Lily

Saturday, April 12  6pm
Sat., April 26  6pm 





Mountain Abstraction

Sunday, April 13  1pm





Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday, April 15  6pm





Matisse Window

Thursday, April 17  6pm






Pink Tulip

Wednesday, April 19  6pm





O’Keefe Poppies

Tuesday, April 22  1pm






Modern Sunflower

Thursday, April 24  6pm






Water Lilies

Sunday, April 27  1pm





Vase of Flowers

Wednesday, April 30  6pm





(kids from Jackson & Bartlett schools can take the bus right to the studio!)



Mosaic Fish Plaques 

With Lori Badger (2 sessions)

Create your own mosaic fish design on a wooden plaque using broken tiles, glass beads and other small bits. The first class will be design and adhering the tiles. The second class will be grouting and final decorating.
Bartlett & Jackson students can take the bus right to the studio. 

Mondays, March 31 & April 7   $45 includes supplies Ages 8 and up  

3:45-5:15pm (please pick up promptly at 5:15pm) Pack a drink & snack




Abstract Painting for Kids

With Joelle Goff (two sessions) 

Using acrylic paint and a medium to thicken paint, students will create an abstract landscape. By layering and applying paint in an impasto technique, students will work on their own unique design and build it up in layers. Instruction will be given in color, value and creating texture. If time allows, students will also work on an abstract still life painting. Please pack a drink & snack.

Mondays, April 14 & 28 (no class vacation week) 

3:45-5:15pm (please pick up promptly at 5:15pm)

$45 includes supplies Ages 8 and up










Full day painting workshop with Rebecca Klementovich


This workshop will be an exploration of how to paint large on a 18″x 24″ canvas

or larger. We will be working with the influences of Hans Hoffman’s abstract

painting “push and pull theory.” Lots of attention will be given to color mixing

and color relationship to create a dynamic painting. There will be plenty of

support and encouragement because painting large takes a lot of courage!

Oils or Acrylics can be used and a supply list will be emailed upon registration.  Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies or Jackson Art

can provide you with everything you need for a fee of $65.

Saturday , May 3   10am-4pm   $95





From Plein Air to Studio  

with Michael Vermette

Turn your painted studies into large finished paintings…


This painting workshop focuses on three proven methods of working inthe studio to make larger and more finished paintings from painted sketches, studies, and photographs made en plein air. The instructor will demonstrate the traditional  “cartoon” tracing method used by famous artists’ who painted from memory to develop value in transferring an image. He will also show how modern painter’s work with photography and the digital camera, painting directly from their laptop and how to use an opaque projector correctly to create accurate proportions as in the original studies painted on site. Students will also learn how to carry over the freshness and excitement of the plein air study in the larger painting by examining when to stop and when a painting is finished. The instructor will demonstrate from a study of his own and make suggestions toward using the right technique, composition, and subject development in creating an effective large painting.  Painters may work in watercolor or oil painting mediums. Michael will also have on hand visual examples to share with the class. This workshop is for anyone who has ever had difficulty making a larger painting from a smaller study or sketch. 


Participants are required to bring their own supplies. A supply list will be emailed upon registration.(bring your own lunch or it can be ordered out) Please contact us if you are coming in from out of town and need help with accommodations.


Sat., & Sun., May 31 & June 1    9am-5pm     $195





Jackson Art is located just 2.8 miles North of Storyland off of Rt 16 N.
155 Ridge Rd  Jackson NH (603) 387-3463




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