1785 Inn — Yankee Magazine Editors’ Pick

1785 Inn is an Editors’ Pick for Lodging in the recently released May/June 2014

Gardens at 1785 Inn

“Special Travel Guide” issue of Yankee Magazine.  1785 Inn was chosen for the “Best View from an Inn,” The editors said, “…this inn has some of the best views of the Presidential Range.  Soak in the vista from poolside … or from the dining room’s bay window while sampling cuisine that has garnered a host of culinary awards.”

Previously, a Frommer’s (travel guide) on line newsletter listed 1785 Inn as having one of top 15 views in the world from hotel or inn.  The 1785 Inn is located at the Intervale Scenic Vista Overlook, just north of North Conway.  This view was first popularized by the White Mountain School of Art, and is said to be the 7th most photographed nature scene in the U.S.

Charlie and Becky Mallar, the Innkeepers at 1785 Inn & Restaurant for over 30

Gardens at 1785 Inn
Gardens at 1785 Inn

years, said they were grateful for the recognition, and they feel privileged to live and work on such a special property.  They said the view is constantly changing with the daylight, weather, and seasons, but it is always enjoyable.


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