Personal Power and Success with Michael Kline!

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Live the life you really want with Kline Seminars.

Want a life of purpose? with meaningful work, quality relationships and financial security?
There is no shortage of books and webinars touting the wisdom of the ages. So why are so few people really satisfied? Let me share some insight with you!

My name is Michael Kline. When I was in my twenties, I changed my life from living paycheck to paycheck to being financially independent in 3 years, with no new resources. I had an hourly wage job, I was sharing an ugly apartment, had no savings, lots of credit card debt, a ten year old car (with payments) and no ambition. One decision changed everything. In the last 25 years, I’ve had one job, 6 businesses, 10 houses, dozens of great trips, countless friends, community involvement, good health, great abundance and one strong relationship with the same person. I was lucky and I did very little, very slowly, compared to what I could have done if I knew then, what I know now!

To add to my own experience, and be my very best at inspiring and helping you, I’m spending this year studying with Jack Canfield, arguably one of the world’s most successful and sought-after trainers and success coaches. Jack is the master at sharing the wisdom of the ages in practical, user-friendly ways. I am bringing his brilliant experiential training, along with my own personal success lessons home to Conway.

No matter our level of success, we all still carry self-doubt we can overcome. You are good enough!

There’s more to life than money. We work on goals in 7 areas of your life, like relationships and health & wellness.

Maybe you know this material – that’s not the same as doing it.
Reading it isn’t enough. Let’s start doing.

It’s Time…

to overcome your own self-limiting beliefs (we all have them), articulate your life’s purpose, set concrete goals that really matter to you, and take action that puts more meaning, money, happiness, love and connectedness into your life.

Join me

Friday, June 13th from 8:30AM – noon, at Granite State College for a half-day introductory seminar called Personal Power & Success. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have already made your fortune. Anyone can apply these principles. While Jack’s training costs $1,000 per person, per day for his workshops, this program is my gift to the community – pay just $39to cover the cost of materials. As part of being personally mentored by Jack Canfield, I promised I would offer at least one half-day local class before I go back to his summer training, so I’m doing this just once! Register yourself, an employee or someone you love, online at Seriously, go to and look at the Breakthrough to Success workshop – $5,000 per person, for 5 days of this stuff! If you have the time and money, I highly recommend it! If you’d like to get started here for basically nothing, register now!

Not sure this is for you?  I have taught over 400 workshops in the last 22 years, and attended more than my fair share too. In my experience, this material is the most popular with high achievers – those who have already accomplished some successes in life, and are looking for something more. Most of us, only wish we had this wisdom earlier in life – that makes it perfect for someone just at any point in their life path, career, relationships or education.

Like many people, I used to think I was too smart for this type of seminar, but I learned long ago, they are designed to

overcome any struggle within all of us. Successful business owners, CEO’s, executives, professionals, parents, students, writers, dreamers and doers all ask for and accept help to become the highest vision of themselves. Who can you become? What life do you want to live?

This is a one-time offer. In the fall, I will be offering a full day workshop at a significantly higher price, so register and get started now to find out how exciting life can be! Questions? Call my personal cell #: (603) 986-8541.

Accomplished authors, physicians, black belts, speakers, wildly successful business owners, a TV news anchor, therapists, scientists, singers, dancers, sales professionals, restaurant owners, represent just a few of the diverse backgrounds sharing in my training this year. Don’t think for a moment you don’t deserve this!


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