Benefit Concert for White Mountain Aquatic Foundation, TONIGHT!

 The White Mountain Aquatic Foundation
invites you to support

RENEWS is an organization founded in memory of Memorial Hospital employee Roy Estey, who drowned in a boating accident in 2010.  RENEWS provides financial assistance to pay for water safety education and resources for area residents.

This fund was established by Memorial Hospital employees who wanted to honor Roy’s memory and ensure that local children and adults who wish to safely engage in the Mt. Washington Valley’s many recreational pursuits will have ready and affordable access to swimming lessons, life jackets, and water safety education.

It is the mission of RENEWS to promote water safety education and provide resources for personal flotation devices (PFD’s) regarding swimming and small boat activity.

In accomplishing our mission, we are guided by the following principles and beliefs:

  • RENEWS recognizes that any individual should have an opportunity to learn to swim and/or have available a PFD. RENEWS seeks to achieve this by providing scholarship and PFDs to individuals.
  • RENEWS is committed to raising funds and resources, and disbursing funds to be used specifically for water safety education, swimming lessons, and PFDs.
  • RENEWS strives to promote and foster partnerships by working with other community organizations to achieve this common goal. RENEWS is an active participant in community events and promotions in order to build awareness of its purpose and mission.
  • RENEWS focuses on strategic planning and innovative management in order to maintain and increase its position in the community.
  • RENEWS is operated entirely by volunteers. We are a nonprofit organization within the State of NH. All donations to RENEWS are tax deductible.



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