The Circle Way and WOrld Cafe Seminar!

Join Kline Seminars and its Partners for…

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Members or employees tired of the same old meetings?

Have meetings that are a waste of time?

Want more engaging, productive and empowering meetings?

This new one-day program is expanded to include an introduction to both Circle and World Cafe. Two very different structured methods that can work separately or together to solve complex problems. Both methods can efficiently collect input from small and large groups of people and still have every voice heard and respected.

Any boss can hold a meeting. Collaborative leadership is a little more complex and a lot more rewarding. Learn to create more trust, more engagement, and more honesty. Tap into the previously unshared knowledge of your members and employees. Harvest the collective wisdom of your entire team, while creating more accountability and more sustainable action. This workshop is a low-cost, one day introduction to some of the methods from our “Art of Hosting” suite. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to sample the training and still take home valuable tools you can use right away.

– Create an environment of engagement.

– Build trust, breakdown hidden agendas and secrets.

– Create a sense of purpose and accountability.

– Harvest more wisdom.

– Create accountability and efficiency through your group dynamics.

– Increase your capacity to solve complex problems.

Who should come: Ideal for community leaders, board members, teachers, business owners or managers, health care workers, legal professionals, mediators, ministers and parents – Anyone who holds meetings with groups of people!

Replace boring with valuable.

Circle is the foundational practice supporting all Art of Hosting Methodologies.

“The Art of Hosting is a practice that heals the broken relationships between people.” – European Commission official

Our team of trainers study and practice Circle Process, along with a suite of facilitation practices, referred to as “Art of Hosting”. Art of Hosting training is quite frequent and popular in Europe and Canada and parts of the US. It is finding footholds in the Eastern US and we are bringing it to New Hampshire.  

Would you like to hold better meetings?

Since the discovery of fire, humans have gathered in circle to tell stories, share ideas and solve problems. Today, our work circles have morphed into rectangular tables and the fire has been replaced with a PowerPoint presentation. One speaker tells the story. Meanwhile, members or employees seek more meaning and leaders seek more engagement. Relight the fire, back into the center of our circle. It happens when we face each other and have a different kind of conversation.

Join  us Friday, August 15th from 8:00AM – 3PM, at The Residence Inn by Marriott for a new, full-day seminar called Introduction to Circle Meetings and World Cafe.  We are inviting all meeting facilitators we believe will benefit from the program to join us.  This program is our gift to the community – pay just $79 which includes the workshop, materials, coffee and lunch. By comparison, Regular multi-day Circle and other hosting training averages over $200 per person per day!

Questions? Call my personal cell #: (603) 986-8541.

For information about the full 3 day, 2 evening Art of Hosting workshop this fall, see Collaborative Leadership at For more information about Art of Hosting worldwide, visit


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