Apply for Leadership MWV!

Businesses! Leadership MWV is a great program to add employee benefit to your work culture! Show your employees you care about the advancement of their career by nominating them for this program! 

Are you looking to expand your network and make meaningful business and personal connections?

Leadership MWV is a network for developing professionals, providing opportunities for mentorship for community involvement and support for civic leadership.

Leadership MWV aims to facilitate knowledge transfer and create the opportunity for hands-on learning with an emphasis on:

1. Generating new participation on local boards;

2. Providing one-to-one mentorship by existing community leaders to up-and-coming professionals and citizens;

3. Empowering those with leadership capabilities to act effectively to help solve local problems.

The program will emphasize service, collaboration, and existence of synergistic opportunities to enhance quality of life in this community.

How does Leadership MWV operate? 

Leadership MWV is a six-month program that meets bi-weekly. Each session focuses on topics critical to community development. Topics include town government, healthcare, education, state government, running a non-profit and more.

Each session is presented by an expert in that particular field with ample time for Q&A.

Outside assignments include interviews, recommended reading and a collective group project. Two all-day field trips and a graduation ceremony are part of the class.

The guest lecturers and interviews are chosen to help you network with local and state leaders. Leadership MWV is designed to be an active program where you maximize the tools presented to you to build your professional and philanthropic skill-set.

Breakfast and coffee is provided during a network session prior to the start of each class.

Leadership Graduates, 2008-2014



Sound familiar? Then apply for the program today! Or nominate a co-worker or peer you may feel is a good fit for the program!

Applications are due November 3rd and all applicants are notified by December 2nd of their acceptance.

The program begins in mid-January to mid-June.

For more information, contact program facilitator,
Jaimie Crawford. or (603) 356-5701 ext. 304

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