Pumpkin People at Eagle Mountain House!

“Come visit Shrek and Fiona at the Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club.  All part of the Shrek and Fiona get Married at Eagle Mountain House!annual Jackson, NH Pumpkin People Event, Shrek and Fiona are having their wedding last all month.

Get your picture taken with them, post on Facebook with Eagle Mountain House and win a free logo golf ball.

Help the Jackson Chamber of Commerce celebrate the 25th year of the “Return of the Pumpkin People”… this is the year you want to come and experience this event. There will be close to 100 displays for your enjoyment.

It is hard to believe back in 1987 the quintessential New England villages of Intervale, Glen, Bartlett, Hart’s Location and Jackson came up with the idea of Pumpkin People displays to help get visitors interested in the area. They had about 15 properties involved. That is far less than the average number of 50 we have been fortunate to have over the last few years.

The process of putting together a display is time consuming and, depending upon the properties vision, can take on a financial investment. Each property works hard to put up their display and they deserve the recognition that comes with being a part of the event. When visiting be sure to tell the host properties you appreciate their effort… we certainly do.

Return of the Pumpkin people is a self-guided tour where you use the official Return of Pumpkin People Map indicating what properties are official host properties. Maps will be available at participating properties and or can be printed off the front page of this website as wall as participating property websites!


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