Life Balance Seminar with the MWV Young Professionals and Kline Seminars!


Join the MWV Young Professionals Network for the two-part
Life Balance workshop, led by Michael Kline of Kline Seminars
When: March 20 and April 17
12:00pm – 3:30pm
Lunch will provided by Flatbread Company
Basement Conference Room
Please park and enter from the back entrance
This Workshop focuses on:
Effective goal setting in a balanced way, 
Overcoming fears and other self-limiting beliefs, 
Practical methods of taking focused action to achieving goals, 
Staying positive and 
Being a valuable member of groups, family, work and community.
Register today by filling out this form and sending it to:
MWVYP, PO BOX 2300, North Conway, NH 03860
or contacting Jaimie Crawford,
603-356-5701 ext. 304.
Checks can be made out to MWVPA. 
The Mt. Washington Valley Young Professional Network is not just ANOTHER network for only professionals, but also an initiative to tap into all the 20, 30 and 40 something’s who live here. “Sometimes, people from service or retail industries think the word professional means you need to be an accountant or attorney to join, but in reality it is the person that makes the professional, not the job they do,” explains YP President Katelyn Lundblad. “We are looking to grow our network of professional and emerging professionals of all industries who value our mission, which is to create a network for developing professionals, providing opportunities for mentorship, for community involvement and support for civic leadership.”
To get involved with the MWV Young Professional Network, contact President, Katelyn Lundblad,

Michael Kline has been teaching and coaching businesses and non-profits since 1992. After serving as a Director of Training and Development for Uniglobe Travel, the world’s largest travel franchise company, he became the turn-around President of Uniglobe Travel Northeast States. At the time, the  company was losing money with 58 franchisees, $175 million in sales, zero franchisees in contractual compliance, no trust, no cash, no credit, and 12 pending lawsuits. Under Mike’s direction, two years later the company was making money with the same sales, 100% compliance, 12 settled lawsuits, high trust and international recognition for the results of the region and top performing franchisees.
Since launching 6 successful small businesses of his own, Michael recently finished a year-long training program for experiential personal and group transformation, studying directly under Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach. He currently serves on Jack Canfield’s assisting team at his signature 5-day training program called “Breakthrough to Success. He works with groups, large and small to help them discover the power of personal and group transformation.



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