Spring Events in Jackson Village!

Jackson, NH

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We’ve got a front row seat for you…


Jackson offers Spring Skiing & More…
The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to share that the village still got lots of snow on the slopes and trails for you to enjoy your spring alpine and cross country skiing but we also have lots more to offer during the spring.  With the melting of the snow comes fast flowing rivers and falls where mother nature shows off her power and beauty in a very unique and special way.  With all our out door activities we always want to remind you to be cautious where you venture and always make sure that you are prepared for unexpected weather.

Plan a spring trip for skiing and or just relaxing and seeing all the other things that Jackson, New Hampshire has to offer.  Don’t forget to check out all the fun filled events coming up:

Wildquack Duck River Festival on Sunday May 24, 2015,

Jackson’s Christmas in June with the Jingle Bell Chocolate Challenge on Saturday June 6, 2015,

Jackson Independence Day Fireworks Display on Sunday July 5th, 2015, the

Covered Bridge Dance on Saturday August 1, 2015 and the

White Mountain Art & Artisan Festival on Saturday August 15, and Sunday August 16, 2015.



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