Chef Ben Frieden, Executive Chef at Max’s Restaurant & Pub at the Snowvillage Inn, is preparing a traditional Passover Seder on Monday, April 6. There will be one seating for the dinner at 6pm. Following Chef’s presentation of the Seder plate, a buffet will be offered. Cost for the Passover Seder is $35 per person ($17.50 for 12 years and younger). The buffet menu includes: Traditional Charoset with fresh salad greens, Matzoh Ball soup, Chilled Fish Terrine with Horseradish Beets, Braised Beef with red wine braising gravy, Potato Gratin, Roasted carrots and cabbage with fresh rosemary, Macaroons and
Pistachio and chocolate matzoh brittle.

Passover is the Jewish holiday of freedom, commemorating the Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. Each spring, Jewish people from around the world recount Passover’s watershed story of redemption at a festive meal called the Seder. While the main course at the Passover Seder varies from family to family and country to country, the five or six elements of the Seder plate are universal.

For more information or to make a reservation, call the Snowvillage Inn at 603-447-2818.

The Snowvillage Inn and Max’s Restaurant is located in Eaton Center – 136 Stewart Road (off Brownfield Road), a mile up from Crystal Lake. 603-447-2818. The Snowvillage Inn is owned and operated by Kevin Flynn (who previously owned the Inn from 1994-2005) and Jen Kovach.  They offer a comfortable and beautiful place to get away, relax, and refresh. The Inn is located in Snowville, New Hampshire (just a mile up Brownfield Road from Rt. 153 on Stewart Road and about 7 miles from Conway, NH) For more information about the Snowvillage Inn please go to Or call (603) 447-2818.


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