Ham Arena has a great fall schedule. Check it out!


Monday Afternoons,  Ham Arena Youth House League.  The fastest growing league in the rink, this league is designed for beginner players who want to explore their passion for Hockey!  Held on Monday afternoons 4:00-5:00pm, this skill building program is a blast!  Ham Arena Staff Coaches go over the fundamentals of hockey in a fun and active way!  Equipment is provided too!  Players need skates, a stick and a desire to play the best game on ice!  Contact the Ham Arena staff at 447-5888 or check us out at http://www.hamarena.com for sign up information!

Monday Nights, Women’s League.  Whether a beginner or veteran player, the Women’s league is a great place to play!  Contact Lisa Gibson at skitime1990@gmail.com for more information.

Tuesday Nights, 40 plus league.  A great time is had by all on Tuesday nights with the 40 plus league.  Don’t let age hold you back, these guys can skate!  Contact us at skatemail@hamarena.com or call 447-5888 for more information

Wednesday Nights, Men’s Open pick up.  Are you a tier one player?  The Ham Arena is the place for you on Wednesday nights.  Top level hockey action in this select pick up game brings out the best of the best in the region.  Have what it takes?  Contact us at skatemail@hamarena.com or call 447-5888 for sign ups.

Thursday Nights, Co-Ed League.  This is the place for all fun, no hassle hockey.  Co-Ed teams that skate in an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship.  All smiles at the end of every game!  Contact us at skatemail@hamarena.com  or call 447-5888 for sign ups.

Figure Skating Club.  The Mount Washington Valley Figure Skating Club has a great staff to teach you or your children the beauty and grace of figure skating.  On-going programs, and a new season upon us.  Let your heart and soul fly on the ice!  Contact Melody Nester manester@roadrunner.com for additional information.

Curling Club.  Remember that intriguing sport you couldn’t stop watching during the winter Olympics?  Interested in giving it a try?  The Ham Arena is the home to the Mount Washington Valley Curling Club.  Curling is a social and competitive sport around the globe!  Give it a try!  Contact Peter Ellis at  pde1945@gmail.com for more information.

Tuckerman Brewing Company Co-Ed Fall Classic!  This Year, October, 16th 17th and 18th, local brewery Tuckerman Brewing Company will be sponsoring our Co-Ed Fall Classic Hockey Tournament.  A fun filled weekend that brings teams from all over the region to play, stay and dine in our Mt. Washington Valley!  Tuckerman Brewing Company will be providing all kinds of neat give-a-ways, beverages, brewery tours and T-Shirts!  Don’t miss this Fall Classic that’s sure to be a big HIT! Ask about our “Early Bird” bonus for pre-paid teams! Contact the Ham Arena at 447-5888 or skatemail@hamarena.com to sign up!

See You On The Ice!


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