Women’s Health at Memorial Hospital Celebrates National Midwifery Week

National campaign promotes greater understanding of midwife care

During the week of October 4 through 10, the American College for Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) is seeking a greater understanding by the public of the role midwives can play in women’s healthcare. Their theme, “With women, for a lifetime,” reinforces the fact that midwifery services offer more than just prenatal and childbirth care – they apply their philosophy of care in all settings and with women across their lifespan.

memorial2Photo Caption: Memorial Hospital’s nurse midwives (from left to right) Julie Bosak, CNM, BS, MSN, APRN, Erin Tullock, CNM, MSN, APRN and Kathleen Mulkern, CNM, MPH

“Most people connect the idea of a midwife with birth,” says Julie Bosak, CNM MSN, one of three certified nurse midwives at Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Health practice. “It’s a national misconception because we do provide care to women throughout their life cycle, from puberty to pregnancy, birth through menopause.”

Bosak, along with midwives Erin Tullock, CNM MSN and Kathleen Mulkern, CNM MPH, work together with OB/Gyn physicians Marni Madnick, MD and Lauren Frye, DO. Together, they offer a wide range of well-woman care for all ages at one of the largest onsite all-female women’s health practices in New Hampshire.

It’s true that many women do make their first connection with a midwife during pregnancy. The ACNM points out that the growing number of births attended by certified nurse midwives has helped to reduce the rate of Cesarean sections across the country. At Memorial’s Family Birthing Center, the majority of births are attended by the midwives.

“A midwifery approach can offer the best of both worlds,” Bosak explained. “We focus on education and support, but we also partner with you to give you the birth experience you want. That might include your choice of an epidural or use of nitrous oxide. We also work in close collaboration with Dr. Madnick and Dr. Frye if their services become necessary.”

While many of the country’s midwives provide prenatal care, about a third of them work in primary care settings. According to the ACNM, 95% of nurse midwives are working in hospital settings today.

“We see a number of teenage girls in our practice,” Bosak said. “It’s an important time for us to develop a partnership with these young women, providing education on a variety of subjects. We’re there for them to talk about birth control, STD screenings, and how to take care of their overall health.”

The Memorial Hospital Women’s Health midwives offer well-woman health care, annual gynecologic exams and screenings, and birth control counseling. Along with the physicians in the practice, they also provide specialized services for menopause, infertility counseling, and VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean).

For more information about their services or to make an appointment, call (603) 356-4949, Ext. 2167.


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