Northeast Mountaineering announces 1st Annual Adventure Race

OCTOBER 24-25, 2015   
Looking for a thrilling adventure to test your physical capabilities?
Northeast Mountaineering announces the 1st annual Adventure Race to cap off the summer! Climb, Hike, Bushwhack, Paddle, Rappel, and Bike your way through the White Mountains of New Hampshire! This is the experience of a lifetime! Our two day adventure race begins at the Bunkhouse at Northeast Mountaineering where you will meet your guide and begin creating your strategy. Do you go light and fast, or heavy and well prepared for anything? Once the race begins, you will have to use all of your outdoor experience and knowledge to make it through the course to the end. You will spend the night outdoors at a designated camp site before beginning the second day of adventure. At the conclusion of the race, we will have a BBQ where prizes will be handed out. Prior hiking experience is required. Ages 18+. Must be in a excellent physical condition. No technical experience required. Must own or rent a bike


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