White Mountain Area NH Home Builder’s Association Meeting


Join us for our
November meeting!
Tuesday, November 10


 Nothing is more important
than the health of family and home

RenewAire’s advanced ventilation products are based upon a simple principal – bring equal amounts of healthier, fresh air into your home while exhausting the same amount out, and do this in the best energy-efficient manner as possible. Unlike ordinary residential ventilation systems, RenewAire handles both exhaust and fresh airstreams while also moderating humidity and temperature extremes during summer as well as winter. This results in the very efficient delivery of fresh air while exhausting unhealthy stale air, including odors, excess carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful gaseous pollutants, regardless of the time of year or where you live.
RST Thermal is the Manufacturer’s representative for Renewaire in New England.  Mark Toth covers Maine. New Hampshire and Vermont for RST Thermal and Renewaire.   Mark has over 25 years industry experience and is on the Board of Director’s for the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.
Please join us for an evening of product review along with question and answer session about indoor air quality and good ventilation practices.
Sponsored by

TUES., NOVEMBER 10, 2015
Beginning at 6pm
$15 members, $20 non-members,
incl. Flatbread Co. pizza and salad.


North Conway Village




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