Jeb Bradley’s White Mountain Photo Show

On Friday December 4, NH State Senator and avid hiker Jeb Bradley will unveil a show of his White Mountain photographs at the Tuckerman Brewery at 64 Hobbs Street in Conway. The opening reception will be from 5pm to 8pm.
The collection will be on display through the new year during our normal taphouse hours daily. Jeb has long hiked in the White Mountains and completed his first round of all 48 of the New Hampshire 4000 foot high peaks in November of 2004 — only a short time after the Red Sox won their first World Series title in 86 years.
Reaching that goal instilled in Jeb a not only a deep love of the New Hampshire mountains, but also a desire to climb all 48 peaks in winter. He started that effort slowly as learning how to deal with adverse weather conditions, snow, ice and equipment took time. But after several winters he had completed that list also.
That was only the beginning, and coincides with his election to the NH State Senate. “By 2009 I had learned about “the GRID” and I remember thinking, “Why not? I love hiking. I love being outdoors in the mountains and I needed the constant exercise.”
The GRID is an ambitious undertaking. Completion means climbing all 48 New Hampshire 4000 peaks in every month. There is no time limit, but it took Jeb about six years to reach all 48 peaks in every calendar month, which results in a total of 576 successful summits.
In January of 2015, Jeb became the 49th person to accomplish that goal on the not-for-faint-of-heart Mt. Adams and Mt. Madison. “In January Jeb had to cancel several trips up Adams and Madison due to high winds and cold temperatures. We all wondered if Jeb would get a decent day to finish because January is such a difficult month especially above tree-line. But he was patient and one my favorite pictures in his show is the ‘Gathering Twilight over Mt. Adams’ which was taken the day he finished,” said Karen McNiff who has joined Jeb many times on hikes.
In mid-January there was a stretch of great weather and he was able to finish his GRID. Jeb has also completed nearly a third of his second GRID and also climbed all 48 peaks in the single winter season of 2013/2014 which he considers harder than completing the GRID.
Along the way Jeb has taken thousands of pictures and having seen the mountains in so many different conditions and seasons his pictures transport the viewer into the ever changing White Mountain environment. “I have to admit that I am partial to winter pictures as the snow sculptures especially above tree line are unique and the distinct colors of sky, clouds, snow, and ice are a fantastic setting for my camera to go to work.”


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