Williamsburg inspired decorations at White Mountain Hotel

Have you been to the White Mountain Hotel yet this holiday season?  It’s worth a trip for the beautiful views from the dining room alone, but add in the gorgeous holiday decorations, and the White Mountain Hotel is a must see this holiday season.  The inspiration comes from Williamsburg, where hotel owner, Gary Sullivan, was once a tourguide for his family’s company, Collette Tours.

All of the decorations are made from natural, fresh greens and fresh fruit and everything is made by hand by the talented sales staff.  And just to insure that it stays fresh, the fruit is refreshed every three to four days.  One look at these photos, and you can see how much work goes into keeping the decorations fresh and refreshed. You’ll find everything from pineapples to grapefruit and apples and plenty of White Mountain fresh greenery and red berries too.

The exterior decorations are designed in a Victorian style, inspired by the old hotels of yesteryear in Mt Washington Valley.  The interior decorations have a more Colonial styling, adopted from themes found in Williamsburg. Take an armchair tour of the decorations with these photos here.  Better yet, plan to enjoy dinner, a drink or brunch at the White Mountain Hotel this holiday season and check out the decorations in person.


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