Tubing – the Other White Treat

Don’t let the lack of white stuff on the ground get you down. Alpine ski areas in Mount Washington Valley have stockpiled man-made snow at every opportunity, and many areas are already open for skiing, albeit on limited terrain.
However, skiing isn’t the only activity you can partake on the man-made white stuff. Cranmore Mountain, New Hampshire’s most popular location for snow tubing in terms of the number of guests they host each winter, has already opened its tubing park and is open for sliding weekends through Christmas Week, when it opens for a more robust daily (and nightly) schedule.
Tubing is what we call a “high thrill, low skill” activity. No lessons or equipment rentals are necessary. Cranmore’s flat fee for tubing includes the use of a tube, a “magic carpet” style lift (read: no fumbling on a chair lift for newbies) and then sliding down a 600 foot snow-covered lane. A brain-jogging spin by the tubing attendant at the top of the slope is optional.
As you consider what winter activities to enjoy in this pre-holiday period, remember the “Other White Treat” – tubing. It gets the whole family out hooting and hollering together, even those who have not yet mastered the twin planks form of winter merriment.
Cranmore is now open for tubing but look for other Valley tubing establishments to open in the coming weeks, including King Pine/Purity Spring Resorts, with lift-serviced fun, and Bretton Woods and Great Glenn offering the walk-up variety.
For more information, visit them online at www.cranmore.com. Their website will include special holiday hours of operation.

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