Great Glen Trails

Snow Kids event at Great Glen Trails Sunday, December 20

Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center will be the site for a kids’ event this Sunday, December 20, 2015. In place of the previously scheduled “Christmas on Snow” event, “Christmas Imagining Snow” will be held, with outdoor games, relay races and indoor activities for kids in grades first through eighth.

Games of, Who Stole My Moose, Capture the Flag, Chuck the Rubber Chicken, and a Red-nose Biathlon Relay will be played outside in the morning. Following a random draw, teams of two will face off in head-to-head Reindeer Relays with winning pairs moving on in a tennis tournament-like ladder. The Reindeer Relay course will be made up of jumps, slalom, arches and more. Starting off each run with a ski shuffle will bring memories of sliding on snow to mind.  Equipment for this ski shuffle will be provided.

After a lunch break (BYO), there will be additional outdoor games, followed by two indoor activities. A snowman cookie-decorating station will be set up, as well as a station for creating natural bird feeding ornaments. All ingredients will be supplied by Great Glen.

Registration for Christmas Imagining Snow is day of, beginning at 9 am. There is no cost for the event, unless Great Glen receives enough snow to hold the event on skis. (In that case, the event charge is a $5 day pass for participating kids.) Details and the schedule for Christmas Imagining Snow can be found on the webpage:

For more info or to register, please contact Sue at Great Glen Trails: 603-466-2333; ext. 146, email or visit



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