Kearsarge resident Jenn McAdams wins North Conway Library’s iPad mini

Jenn McAdams of Kearsarge won the North Conway Public Library’s Second Annual iPad mini Raffle.

“The odd thing is we were just about to buy a new iPad as our old one has been getting very slow lately,’’ said Jenn’s husband, Terry, when notified of the win. The drawing was held on Dec. 23, 2015 at the Library.

A total of $820 was raised with proceeds benefitting the North Conway Public Library, said Library Director Andrea Masters. Tickets sold for $5 each or 6 for $20.

“I was happy to make a donation to the library when buying my raffle tickets,’’ said Jenn McAdams, a former teacher, who also makes her home in Nova Scotia. “It was icing on the cake that I won.’’

McAdams is a huge fan of the Library and its staff. “I often brag about this library to friends, about how much better this library is than the large city libraries where it is a rarity for someone to go above and beyond.

“Even though we live in the Mount Washington Valley for only six months of the year, I love this library. I am there at least once a week, often twice a week. The collection of books is wonderful and I have read many new books I would not even have known about if it weren’t for the large display of non-fiction books near checkout. I have learned many fun and interesting things as a result.’’

Andrea Masters, whose assistant Joan Kurtz pulled the winning ticket, thanked everyone who participated in the raffle. “Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and people know this. Yet, we collected more than $800. That tells me that their love of our Library and supporting us is a driving force. Thank you!’’

The North Conway Public Library is a privately funded library that is free and open to the public.   The library receives no regular funding from the town of Conway, the state of New Hampshire, or the federal government. The Library depends on donations, corporate sponsors, and fundraising efforts like this.  For more information, visit or call the Library at (603) 356-2961.


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