HGTV’s Log Cabin Living Episode Shot in Mt. Washington Valley Set to Air January 23

On Saturday, January 23 at 11 pm, HGTV’s Log Cabin Living will follow a Boston couple as they search for the log home of their dreams in the Mt. Washington Valley.

The episode was filmed last September by Warm Springs Productions, a production company based in Missoula and Manhattan, Montana, that provides production services to cable networks including Science, History, Travel, Animal Planet, TNT, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Food, and Nat Geo Wild and HGTV.

When looking for the ideal couple, homes and log home specialists to film, Warm Springs turned to Badger Realty. The team they assembled included log home builder Rich Leavitt of Leavitt Contracting; Kevin Killourie of Wildcat River Log Homes, Badger Realty’s Log Home Division, representing Golden Eagle Log Homes; and Maureen Garrette of Badger Realty, the agent representing Laurie and Tim, the home buyers featured in the episode.

“It was fascinating to see the filming process over the five days they spent here,” said Kevin Killourie. “They filmed throughout the Valley and western Maine, from local business to scenery and activities the area has to offer. It’ll be interesting to see what made the final cut.  The crew filmed everywhere from  Jackson Village, high up on Mt. Washington, and even filmed the Blood Moon over the Green Hills one night during their visit.  Director, Nathan Charlan, of Warm Springs Productions really wanted to showcase the area and all it has to offer second home owners.  The reach and impact of HGTV as a network is enormous, and can only benefit us by introducing the region to millions of potential visitors.”

Killourie and Leavitt agree that log homes appeal to a unique kind of buyer. “Whether they’re looking for a cozy cabin in the woods or a spectacular mountainside home with soaring cathedral ceilings, these buyers are drawn to the natural, rustic feeling that only a log home has,” Leavitt commented.

“It was great to hear the film crew’s reaction to the Valley and the log homes that we have built over the past few years,” said Killourie.  “The crew was really impressed with the custom touches that the log homes featured.”

“We’re so pleased that we were able to help pull this episode together and the exposure that it brings with it,” Killourie continued. “It will be terrific to showcase the Mt. Washington Valley area, and for our log home market and log home builders here.”

For more on log homes in Mt. Washington Valley and western Maine, visit Badger Realty’s website at; Wildcat River Log Homes at; and Richard Leavitt at

Pictured:   (Back row first) Fritz Statler, Branden McCabe, Richard Leavitt, Tim Geheren, Kevin Killourie, Jordan Brorby, Nathan Charlan,  Josef “Tuna” Metesh, Laurie Katz, Lilian Langston, Cory Markellis


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