Funergy Festival on Earth Day April 24 Says 4 Our Kids Recycling

Come enjoy this Earth Day hands-on celebration of resource conservation. A full slate of environmentally friendly vendors, activities, and live demonstrations will take place and is sure to please kids and grandparents alike. Create a fairy house, plant seeds, eat solar s’mores, do an energy scavenger hunt, make a smoothie, help build a bee house, stop by the worm buffet, play the recycle race, talk to a renewable energy company, a green builder, a farmer, a scientist, a recycling business and more.

Families will have an opportunity to use their own energy in parent/child games such as floor hockey, basketball, and dodge ball inside the brand new gymnasium! Jump-roping, hula hooping and even story hour with The Lorax. Environmentalism has never been so fun!

This is a FREE rain or shine event that shouldn’t be missed! Want to support this worth while event? Contact us!

Thank you to Cormack Construction Management and Frase Electric for being our Forest Green Sponsors this year and for helping us to keep Funergy Free!


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