Railway to the Moon Steampunk Event at the Mount Washington Cog Railway

Peppersass (pronounced Pepper-sass), the locomotive that built the Mount Washington Cog Railway is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. To honor this hard-working little engine, The Cog is offering some new events as part of its anniversary celebration, including The Cog’s first ever Steampunk Festival “Railway to the Moon” on Saturday, August 20.  This Steampunk event is based on the story of The Cog’s inventor, Sylvester Marsh, and his desire to build a railroad to Mount Washington’s summit. A disbelieving NH State Legislator nicknamed the project “Railway to the Moon” when Mr. Marsh applied for a charter allowing him to build a railway up Mount Washington.

Steampunk is a melding of the Victorian age fused with modern technology with Goth, science fiction, Comic Con edge where Steampunk participants of all ages create a world of modern machines set in the age of steam power.   The Citizens of Antiford, a New Hampshire-based Steampunk community, and Sylvester Marsh with his wife Cornelia will take the Mount Washington Cog Railway and Peppersass back to the fantasy Victorian age of Steampunk.

All visitors are welcome to join the Steampunk-themed fashion show at 12:45; watch Todd Cahill demonstrate his amazing Steamachine Sculptures; shop for a variety of Steampunk themed products from Steampunk vendors; learn about cycling in the White Mountains from The Wheelman; meet Benjamin West Kilburn, famous stereoscopic photographer from Littleton, NH; and learn more about steam trains and engines at The Cog. There will be a special Steampunk Steam train ride at 3:00 to the top of Mount Washington. (Please call 603.278.5404 for advance reservations. To round out the event, participants and visitors may also view the newly renovated Cog Museum. Sample Climbing to the Clouds, an Emmy-award winning documentary that chronicles the building of The Cog and explore the history of the Mount Washington Cog Railway in the newly renovated museum in the Base Station.

This free weekend event takes place at the Base Station of the Mount Washington Cog Railway (located only 6 miles from Bretton Woods, NH) on Friday and Saturday, August 20 from 10am – 5pm.

Watch the cog trains in operation or buy a ticket to ride The Cog. Come see and learn about Peppersass, the handcrafted engine that built the historic engineering marvel, the Mount Washington Cog Railway. Peppersass will be touring the US over the next three-years to mark The Cog’s 150th anniversary in 2019.


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