Looking for a way to beat the heat? Head to Mount Washington and ride the Cog Railway

Looking for a way to beat the heat? In addition to status as the first mountain-climbing cog railway in the world, The Mount Washington Cog Railway stands as the only alpine train ride east of the Rockies!  Located on the tallest peak in the Northeast, it’s refreshing atop Mt. Washington, NH.

Outfitted with a fleet of both eco-friendly biodiesel and historic steam locomotives, The Cog offers a variety of departure times so family and friends can enjoy the breezy, three-hour round-trip above tree line where the 360-degree view is spectacular (some days you may literally be above the clouds) and the air bracing enough to require a sweater.


Visitors seeking an escape from this year’s heat wave spend nearly an hour in the invigorating atmosphere at the 6,288-foot destination. This week’s forecast is a cool-down of mid 60’s temps and 5-25 mph winds at the summit. Tickets ensure free admission to the summit’s historic Tip Top House and the Observatory’s new “Extreme Mount Washington” exhibit, which, among other fascinating weather-related tasks, charts the daily mercury. The warmest temperature ever recorded was just 72°F in 2003.

At the Base Station, complimentary admission to The Cog Railway Museum reveals the groundbreaking rail technology engineered by Sylvester Marsh during the height of the Industrial Revolution. Here, visitors can also get a sneak peek of the Cog’s new documentary, “Climbing to the Clouds, which covers the modern advances of the railway up to the present.

This year marks the 150th birthday of Peppersass, the locomotive that built the railway. The Cog will be offering some new events in celebration of the anniversary. July 15 and 16 marks the first annual Handcrafted Fest at The Cog. The League of NH Craftsmen, NH Handmade, and WREN exhibiters will be featuring their fine Granite-state products. On Saturday, August 20, The Cog will host its first ever Steampunk Festival. Steampunk is a melding of the Victorian age fused with modern technology in a Wild Wild West style for a colorful and exciting event.

Throughout the season, there are special events, trains and discounts for visiting guests. Starting Memorial weekend, the Cog will be firing up its vintage steam trains, and will be running the steamer as the first train up the mountain throughout the season on scheduled days. Beginning June 19, everyone saves with $15 off his or her ticket on the last train on most days. Even this Fall, passengers can save with a $10 discount beginning in September. Discounts are not available during Holiday periods. The details on the train schedule, specials and discounts can be found online.

Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended. Tickets for Cog Railway excursions can now be purchased online at http://www.TheCog.com or by phone at 603.278.5404. The Cog is located at Marshfield Base Station on Base Road, Mount Washington, NH just 6 miles off route 302 near Historic Bretton Woods, NH. For more information and the daily train schedule, visit thecog.com.


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