Tuesday Trekker Snowshoe Tours in Jackson, NH


The Tuesday Trekker Snowshoe Tours have returned this year with exciting changes! The tours, 2 hours in duration and lead by naturalist guide Peter Minich, give outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers of all experience and activity levels the opportunity to connect with the outdoors and enjoy the serenity of the Mt. Washington Valley winter landscape. Groups begin their venture at 10am on Tuesday mornings and return at noon for a social event by the fire. During the social event, group members are welcome to enjoy hot beverages or a glass of wine and light snacks at the base lodge. The tours are more than a way to stay active during the winter months, they are an opportunity to learn a new skill, strengthen an existing one, or meet new friends!

The tours will be held every Tuesday, starting January 3rd, 2017 and ending March 28. The tours are closed on vacation weeks and holidays. The tours are $15 per week or $45 for the entire season, and advanced reservations are suggested for this event. For individuals without snowshoes, they are available for an additional charge of $12.

For more information or to reserve a spot in the tours, please visit the Jackson XC event page or call 603-383-9355.

What’s your winter adventure? To plan your winter adventure, please contact the Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce at 800-367-3364.




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