Artist Forum by Tamworth Economic Development Commission with Famous Artist Hai-Ou Hou

haiou2Attend the Artist Forum on Wednesday, May 10th, from 4-5pm at The Preserve At Chocorua with guest speaker Hai-Ou Hou, nationally known artist, as she shares insight on Plein Air Painting. The event, located at 88 Philbrick Neighborhood Road in Tamworth, will be catered by Rosie’s Restaurant.

The Artist Forum, part of The Tamworth Made Festival, is a free event open to the public. The Artist Forum is part of The Tamworth Made Festival.  A 10-day arts festival hosted by the Tamworth Visitors Council and the town of Tamworth, New Hampshire.  This lecture in presented by the Tamworth Economic Development Comission to help educate local artists about the changing landscape of art marketing from a well-established nationally acclaimed artist and Hai-Ou will also share some wonderful ideas on how to enjoy painting Plein air and have fun with it.

For more information, contact Pat Farley at 401-524-6655.

haiouAbout Hai-Ou Hou
Hai-Ou Hou was born in Beijing China. She received a B.A. from the National Academy of Fine Art and Design in Beijing, China. After graduating Hai-Ou Hou taught at Hu Bei Fine Art Institute in Wu Han, China. Following her immigration to the United States, she received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Towson State University.

Hai-Ou has received numerous awards and acknowledgments for her landscape, and figurative oil paintings. Also a portrait artist, she designed a unique portrait style called Passport Portraits incorporating documents, seals, and personal memorabilia painted into the portrait to tell that person’s story of their journey to America.


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