What I did on my day off!!!

So I take a day off to enjoy this beautiful summer we’re having. I could have gone to the river or the lake. I could have done a little shopping and supping with girl friends. I could have weeded my garden, or is it technically a weed patch with some meager looking vegetables growing out of it? I could have but I didn’t. I, in my infinate wisdom, decided that the amazing new event, Fields on the Saco, needed to have a classy touch that of course only I could do. Janice, my boss, has this room full of gorgoeus hand designed (by her mother) fabric that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. there in the pile of bolts was this very interesting and colorful Paisley. With colors that are perfect for a late summer event and screamed napkins for Fields on the Saco. So I took to the task of cutting, ironing, folding into position, stitching and ironing a second, maybe even third time, 50+ dinner sized napkins.

actual napkin to be used by the diners
actual napkin to be used by the diners

Maybe next week I’ll tackle that weed, I mean vegetable, garden

On the Road Again….

Don’t get me wrong….I love being on the road….but gas these days…jeez. Doug definitely has the right

potential new buy
potential new buy

idea. I will hopefully be riding again very soon, 60 mpg, HECK YES…SIGN ME UP!!! What’s not to love about riding, the wind blowing through your hair and the thrilling idea of freedom being out on the open road. Hopefully my next purchase…to save $$ on gas….break the bank….and the love to ride…yeah, it’s worth it.

On another note… I do have the longest commute among my fellow co-workers here at the Chamber. I do think I have the most beautiful drive into work every morning from Berlin into North Conway on Rt 16. Does it get any better?? Um, yeah, it will be better on a motorcycle. I couldn’t do it without Nikki & Cooper in the morning, they wake me up and get me into work. Magic 104,  can check out their blog.

*this is not animal abuse. he loves the wubba chicken
*this is not animal abuse. he loves the wubba chicken

O yeah – and my pooch Zander “Zdogg”… I don’t think he’d like the commute on the back seat of a motorcycle but he sure is a good passenger in the car… doesn’t say much.

Trying to spice things up a bit…I’m thinking about poppin’ in a satellite radio. I’ve heard mixed reviews..I want to know what you think? Are you using satellite radio? Which one? What’s working for you?


Siiri’s Weekend Adventure in North Conway

It was a great weekend, well it is if you love the rain. I find that after an entire summer full of rain, you have to get creative with your plans and start thinking out of the box. So I decided that as long as you don’t mind getting a little soggy, you can do almost anything that is reserved for a sunny day, in the rain.

I started off my adventures by kayaking and swimming on the Saco river. It has been quite humid the last week, and the river felt so refreshing. I don’t know if you have ever tried it, but you have to take a swim in the rain. Its the coolest experience….and lets face it, you were going to get wet anyway, so why not. It is the weirdest feeling. The rain was coming down so hard and hitting the water, that it felt like the raindrops were coming up from the river, instead of falling downward. It was pretty awesome.

Anyway, I suppose that was the more adventurous of my activities for the weekend. The rest of it was mostly spent going out to the local bars and hanging out with friends. Although, I did have a pretty extreme game of ultimate Frisbee in the rain, which quickly turned into mud Frisbee. Which is even more exciting than one might think.

North Conway… Tidbits of Memory!

For all of you with “longish memories”… Remember the nifty little tennis tournaments called the Volvo International Tournaments that played at the “brand-new Mount Cranmore Tennis and Recreation Club,” now known as Cranmore Family Fitness Center. As scores of Swedish sponsor cars honked along the quaint streets of North Conway and thousands of spectators filled the 8,200-seat stadium nestled in the breathtaking hills of the Mt. Washington Valley and only a few yards away from the world’s only sit-down tramway skimobile at Cranmore Mountain Resort, it was very obvious that the Volvo International was a very special event for North Conway and the surrounding villages.

Well… have you heard… from the same feisty Mount Washington Valley folks who gave us Volvo International… which from a personal account could have been painted in watercolor and preserved on a postcard… we can now experience a sequel to Volvo International right here in the Valley. Close your eyes and visualize this … see yourself on the edge of a fragrant mowed pasture; look beyond to the harvest fields; scan over to one side to a neat farmhouse with barn nearby; look to the North and West towards the beautiful mountain ranges; listen to the babbling Saco River; smell the sweet air; and absorb all these wonderful sensations. Now open your eyes to a magnificently appointed harvest table in the field. Be seated and, as you take in the magnificent scenery, experience the evening’s culinary festivities that will be overseen by Chef Bryant Alden of Chef’s Market of North Conway – with plenty of help (and delicious goodies) from local companies and producers including: Weston’s Farm, Green Thumb Farms, Sherman Farms, and Cold River Vodka. See you there at the Fields on the Saco!!


Great Thunder

I don’t know about you but I love a good rain storm, thunder and lightening and pounding rain.  Weather like that drives me to North Conway Village to visit White Birch Books for a relaxed browse and then off to fill my Martini Club glass at Decades, eat my favorite buffaloe wings at Horsefeathers or Ceasar Salad and Sushi at Delaney’s. That was my day today on a rainy Sunday. Who can complain?

Couch Potatoe

Rainy day in Mt Washington Valley NH

So what are you to do on a rainy day in Mt Washington Valley? 

Well many things are available to entertain you depending on what you like.  Me, I’ll go to The Met for coffee and look at the artwork or go shopping in the village with my wife to unique shops like Zeb’s or Spruce Hurricane or down to Settlers’ Green for some of the larger retailers.

Other ways to stay dry are bowling at Saco Valley Sports Center or ice skating at Ham ArenaHam Arena also offers hockey leagues for all levels of which I will be playing in one this evening as part of my Thursday night league.  You can even take in a movie at one of 3 theaters in the valley; one theater has 7 screens so there are many options for movies.

There are times that I do not mind the rain while being out, we had a great hike one time to the largest waterfall in the area while it was raining.  The tree canopy helped keep us a bit more dry that if we were out in the open.

What are some of your favorite places in the valley to go and stay dry (or not) on a rainy day?

Have a great day…..Doug

Doug’s Ride for North Conway NH

2004 VTX1300
2004 VTX1300

I am an avid motorcyclist in Mt Washington Valley.  I bought my 2004 VTX from Profile Powersports along with many other accessories for my bike.  I have also purchased items from Whitehorse Gear who carry great motorcycle related products.

Some of the rides I like to take are on the Kancamagus (the Kanc), Route 302 up through Crawford Notch towards the Mount Washington Resort and up Route 16 through Pinkham Notch past Wildcat Ski Area and the Mount Washington Auto Road.

Let me know what your favorite ride or destination in Mt Washington Valley is.

Hello from the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce!

The Mt Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce Business to Business Expo is designed to promote a wide array of products and services offered by local and regional businesses. Technology, Finance, Tourism, Health, Education, Communications, Construction, Services, Non-Profit Organizations and more will be represented at over 80 exhibits. Educational Workshops providing critical information on Customer Service, NH Labor Laws and Practice, Email Marketing, Tools for Business Collaboration and Communication are among this years line-up.

Exhibitors, Education, Business Awards Luncheon, Live and Silent Auction, Networking Reception along with experiences like Tarot Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Jewelry Appraisals, a year’s worth of Networking and an all important Health Screening are all part of what makes this Business to Business Expo unique and a MUST ATTEND

Some scholarships are available call 356-5701 ext 300. First come first serve. We will notify you on April 24th.

* B2B Participant Registration

* B2B Schedule for the day

* B2B Educational Program

* B2B Business Award Nomination FormDeadline April 24

* B2B Silent Auction

* B2B Exhibitor RegistrationBooths almost SOLD OUT. Call for availability 356.5701 x305

* Tips for Exhibitors

* B2B Ad Rate Card
For Information, Request a Scholarship or to Register Call 356-5701 ext. 300 or

Download Registration form and Fax
to 356-7069 or
email Janet.

Anything is Possible!

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