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Upcoming Series of Retreats at Darby Field Inn

A wellness retreat for those who shy away from circles and hug-fests

Are you the kind of person that deletes the notices from inns and B&Bs about wellness retreats where you’ll find your inner-self through circle-dynamics, hugging people you don’t know and “sharing”? I am. That’s why I was glad to learn about the “non-touchy-feely” approach to the upcoming series of retreats at Darby Field Inn in Albany, NH. As more health-seekers claim their jadedness towards group hugging and the next best thing in quick-to-fade motivational gatherings, Marc Donaldson, innkeeper and long-time owner of The Darby Field Inn and Restaurant, has teamed up with a number of community businesses to offer a more user-friendly solution to stress-free getaways through a series of lifestyle retreats for women, couples and seniors in safe, “hug-only-if-you-want-to” environments.

Inspired by Dixie Lea, Donaldson’s Kripalu yoga teacher and potentialist Michael Kline, Marc Donaldson and his staff have combined the holistic therapies and indigenous traditions from their partners in a series of wellness retreats with the natural healing effects of The Darby Field Inn as the backdrop. Their upcoming series of seminars are scheduled to take place in the White Mountains of New Hampshire on:

Women’s Greatness With-Inn Tues., August 25th – Friday 28th
Senior Empowerment Tues., September 8th – Friday 11th
Couple’s Rejuvenation Tues., October 27th – Friday 30th

Dixie Lea, founder of Sunshine Yoga Community Alliance and pragmatic health enthusiast, feels, “people want experiences beyond temporary relief and gimmicky inspiration into sustainable, holistic well-being.” Lea adds, “accessing deeper states of inner peace is a natural path towards finding more harmony and happiness. We train you how to get there easily and regularly”. Lea feels her no-nonsense yoga perspective will help participants de-stress naturally.

Michael Kline recently changed his business name to Intus, which is Latin for within. Kline shares, “our retreat method offers a step above “fall-back-and-I’ll-catch-you” team building through a proprietary protocol of movement, inner reflection, group processes, creative visualization, multi-sensory stimulation, nature and hands-on artistry.” Additionally, business-savvy Kline offers a unique way for yoga studio owners and other wellness professionals to increase their revenue base through his Retreat-in-a-Box series, to be unveiled during the upcoming retreats at the Darby Field Inn.

WickedGoodTravelTips.com is a proud supporter of peace, quiet and inner harmony as part of their Wellness Beyond Borders initiative. By adopting self-care if even for a handful of days, travelers can achieve renewed life balance and return home with an enhanced sense of wellness.

When You Go

The Darby Field Inn & Restaurant, 185 Chase Hill Road, Albany, NH 03818. Phone: (603) 447-2181, www.darbyfield.com.

The Darby Field Inn is located in the heart of the White Mountains, close to North Conway, New Hampshire and under three hours from Boston. The romantic 13 guest-room, full-service inn sits at the end of an unwinding road and has been bringing culinary excellence to the Mt. Washington Valley, NH for over 30 years.

Relax, unwind and enjoy wellness retreats in an incredible setting. And you won’t have to hug or sit in circles, unless you want to!

Living and Working in Conway, NH – A series part 2

So we bought an inn that had no clientele, what to do?  First thing was to get our marketing going and make our website better, actually better is not the word, we had to create a site as the previous owners did not have one.

The valley we live in has many talented people and two of those are Stephen and Lisa Surrette of North Country Graphics who we went to for help in designing our website and marketing materials.  With their help we now had business cards, rack cards and a website that got rave reviews, .  Our website became so popular with search engines that by the time we closed our business in March 2005 we were being listed on the first page of Google.  I remember talking to Marti Mayne of Maynely Marketing 6 months after we had closed the business as she called me at the Chamber office to tell me she was doing a Google search and we were still coming up on the first page of Google.  We did so well with the web thanks to Lisa and Stephen but also due to some SEO tips I learned through the years.

The other way we improved upon the inn was using local knowledge by joining an inn association, of which there are two in Mt Washington Valley; Bed & Breakfasts Inn Mt Washington Valley and the Country Inns in the White Mountains.  It was by joining one of these that we became part of the Annual Cookie Tour and getting more exposure as we hosted a writer from a Boston Paper and got great press from that.  Also, by joining the association we met great people like Kevin Flynn who had owned an inn on Long Island and then moved to Snowville to operate a successful inn there also.  Others who were great resources were Bill and Lisa Guppy who owned an inn in Intervale and Mark Donaldson of the Darby Field Inn.  These long time innkeepers were a wonderful source of knowledge for fledgling innkeepers.

Stay tuned, more to follow….