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American Idol Runner-Up Alex Preston Performs at the Medallion Opera House

Alex Preston, American Idol runner-up from season thirteen, will perform at the Medallion Opera House in Gorham, New Hampshire on Sunday, February 12th at 6:00pm. Preston is a 23 year-old singer-songwriter from New Hampshire who has been involved in music since he was four years old. He plays over twelve instruments, ranging from the guitar to the violin, and writes his own music.


Tickets for this event are $12 per person. To purchase tickets, visit the Gorham Town Hall, Maureen’s Boutique, or online at www.medallionoperahouse.org.


Planning 101 NH Vacation Style!

NH White Mountsain Vacation PlanningMany events in your life require planning, from going to school, weddings, birthdays, graduations and especially big purchases. So here, for your planning pleasure, are the six steps to planning a wonderful vacation!

1. Make a list of dates that will work for your family. Whether it is during school breaks, winter, spring, summer, or fall, having optional dates is the first step in planning.
2. Have each family member make a list of the top 3 activities they would like to do on their vacation. This is the most important part. No influencing each other. If Mom really wants to go somewhere with a hot tub, but Dad really wants to go to a MMA fight, then it is important that they both be able to express this openly. Even the kids need to have input!
3. Take a blank piece of paper and put a column for each family member on it. Write the three things that each one wants on that paper. If any of them are the same then that one thing becomes your number one activity for vacation. If they aren’t, which is probably the case, then you need to take everybody’s number one and begin the planning.
4. Now that you have picked the top priority in activities for your vacation, begin looking for places that can accommodate all of them. For example, say you have 4 family members and the top activities came out to be. Mom – shopping, Dad – fishing, Big Brother – working out, and Little Sister – wants to see a play. Mt. Washington Valley has all of these things, and if you stay at the Royalty Inn, your exercise buff can work out in a top of the line gym facility for no extra cost. Dad can walk behind the hotel and fish up and down the Androscoggin River Reservoir. Mom will find some great deals shopping in downtown Gorham, and then even more with a short trip to North Conway and the Settler’s Green Outlet Village, and for little sister, a visit to Arts in Motion Theatre in North Conway will have her watching a live production. There are some other options for accommodating everyone, and they should all be explored.
5. Now that you have established areas that can accommodate everyone’s wishes, look for dates, times, and pricing. Often phone calls to the local Chamber of Commerce can go a long way to helping things get going. Most people forget this valuable resource when making arrangements.
6. So now you’ve got the activities, you know the prices, and the best times to visit. All that’s left is matching that with your schedule and booking your dream vacation.

When using these steps to book your vacation, another handy thing to remember is ask about prepaying for discounts. Since it is tax season and some of you are getting a refund, now is the perfect time to prepay, and then you can look forward to vacation all year, knowing that all the big expense has already been handled.

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