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COLD DAY . . . WARM HEARTS: Inaugural Great Glen Winter Charity Day Makes An Impact

Provided by Crispin Battles, Marketing Director of Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center

Pinkham Notch, NH — The Mt. Washington Auto Road, and its sister company Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, are proud to report that the inaugural Great Glen Winter Charity Day, held in frigid temperatures on March 11, was a success on many levels. The event brought together new friends and old, while raising over $2,500 for both local and national charities. Most importantly, however, the event inspired a sense of philanthropy among community members and customers alike, which will pay dividends well into the future. The company’s management and staff are firm believers in the words of noted philanthropist Eli Broad who once stated: “Charity is just writing checks and not being engaged. Philanthropy is being engaged, not only with your resources but getting people and yourself really involved and doing things that haven’t been done before.”

While the Great Glen Winter Charity Day held the moniker “inaugural” it was actually an evolution of an event that has been near and dear to the company since 2008. Originally held as a ski-a-thon fundraiser specifically for the ALS Association in recognition of Carl Johnson, an active community member who battled the disease, this year the event was expanded to include all charities so that participants could choose the cause that speaks to them. In total, 17 organizations received donations, including:

* Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation

* Conway Area Humane Society

* Tin Mountain Conservation Center

* White Mountain Swiftwater Rescue Team

* Kennett High School Project Graduation

* Family Resource Center of Gorham

* Jackson Biathlon

* MSPCA – Methuen

* Donna’s Dreamers

* ALS Association, Northern New England Chapter

* Casting For Recovery

* American Cancer Society

* Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

* Alzheimer’s Association

* American Lung Association, New Hampshire

* St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital

* Southern Poverty Law Center

Participants who donated $25 or more received a trail pass to ski, snowshoe, and fatbike at Great Glen Trails, as well as a catered lunch from the Glen View Café. Those who donated $50 or more were given a voucher to take a ride on the Mt. Washington SnowCoach to treeline on the Mt. Washington Auto Road — unfortunately, conditions were too cold for the SnowCoaches to run during the event. Our close-knit community, together with customers from other New England states, enjoyed the afternoon in the warmth of our lodge playing board games and relishing in the camaraderie of friends.

Plans are already underway to make the “second annual” Great Glen Winter Charity Day a landmark event for the 2018 winter season, and an ongoing part of the philanthropic activities hosted by the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center. The company’s events have a long history of raising funds for local charities and non-profit organizations, foremost among them being the Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb which has raised over $1,000,000 for the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, and the Northeast Delta Dental Mt. Washington Road Race which has raised over $80,000 for Coos County Family Health Services.


The family-owned Mount Washington Summit Road Company was formed in 1859, and completed the road to the summit of Mount Washington in 1861. The Mt. Washington Carriage Road, now called the Mt. Washington Auto Road, has the long-held distinction of being America’s oldest man-made attraction. Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, opened in 1994, is one of New Hampshire’s premier Nordic ski areas, with 45 kilometers of trails for skiing, snowshoeing and fatbiking. During the summer months, the Outdoor Center focuses on human-powered outdoor activities including kayaking, biking, hiking and trail running. Both companies consider themselves stewards of Mt. Washington and the natural areas surrounding it, and feel strongly about supporting their local communities.


The Mount Washington Summit Road Company Announces The Return Of The Glen House Hotel

glen-house-hotel-modelPinkham Notch, NH
-Half a century since the last Glen House stood on this site, the family-owned Mount Washington Summit Road Company (MWSRC) which has owned and operated the Mt. Washington Auto Road since 1906, intends to have the fifth iteration of the hotel open by May 2018.

The 68-room hotel will be built on the west side of Route 16 in Green’s Grant on a site owned by the MWSRC and will feature a pool, meeting room and restaurant. Half of the rooms will have balconies facing the Northern Presidential mountains and the Carter Moriah range. Aesthetically, the hotel will be built in classic New England vernacular, with clapboards, painted trim and signature chimneys, similar to the previous four Glen Houses that have stood on this site since 1852. The design of the guestrooms is reflective of the simplicity of Shaker design while the public spaces embrace both the history of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and local Native American roots.

In line with the environmental stewardship of the MWSRC, the Glen House will be highly energy efficient and close to carbon neutral. The company has proven to be a leader in applying innovative, green-energy practices to all aspects of its business, and the new Glen House will be no exception. A state-of-the-art geothermal system will provide heating and cooling for the hotel, and two offsite energy-generating projects will harness hydro and solar power.

The three-story hotel will serve guests visiting the Auto Road and taking advantage of the winter and summer offerings of Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, which offers hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and many outdoor programs in summer. Winter activities include cross-country skiing on 45 kilometers of classic and skate-groomed trails, snowshoeing, snow tubing and winter tours to treeline on the Mt. Washington SnowCoach.

Partnering with the MWSRC on this historic project is Martini Northern, a construction management company based in Portsmouth, BMA Architects from Amherst, NH and Stibler Associates, an interior design firm from Bedford, NH.

Scheduled to break ground in the spring of 2017, the Glen House is anticipating an open date prior to Memorial Day 2018.

Written by Crispin Battles
Marketing Director at Mt. Washington Auto Road

345 Riders Log 16,000+ Miles (on 9 Miles Course) in One Day During 18th Annual 24 Hours of Great Glen Bike Race and Family Festival-With Plenty of Sun for Beach Party Themed Event!

???????????????????????????????Picture perfect conditions this weekend drew 127 teams to the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center for the 18th annual 24 Hours of Great Glen bike race. The 345 racers who participated pedaled a total of 16,000+ miles on the 9.1 mile course, which included a new 120 foot floating pontoon bridge. The festivities also included a 12 hour version of the race and a “24 Minutes of Great Glen”, which is a perennial favorite for the many kids and families in attendance.

For this one weekend each year the base area of the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails are transformed into a combination of a major bicycling event course on one side and a family campground all decorated in this year’s beach party theme on the other–complete with the Fwhatza Marimba Band in the festival tent on Saturday night.

While the beach party theme, music and food all weekend long created a festive atmosphere, at the heart of this event is an endurance race that draws a diverse cross-section of athletes and teams. Some are here just to finish, but many are serious competitors here to win their division. It takes real commitment and fortitude to keep going throughout the day and night, always keeping a rider on course despite fatigue or equipment issues. The resolute expressions and tired smiles say it all as rider after rider come in out of the darkness, swipe their timing card and head back out for another lap. Just fielding a team and finishing the 24 hour race is a genuine accomplishment. Placing at or near the top means you are a serious athlete who has earned his or her medal.

The overall team winners for this year were the Cape Cod Mountain Bike Racing Team from Brewster, Massachusetts, which included Lucas Provost, Seamus Woods, James Gloo and Jack Perry. Best solo Female was Danielle White from Providence, Rhode Island and the top Solo Male was Jay Dietershagen from Ithica, NY.

“After last year’s washout conditions, we felt we had unfinished business at this event,” explained David Bettridge, 47, of Providence, Rhode Island. “This year’s new course and features, especially the floating bridge, were really great! The bridge was just tippy enough to make it fun, but not break your pedaling rhythm,” he said.

Even while these athletes are pushing themselves to win their class, set a personal best or just finish one more lap it’s clear they are all having fun-as evidenced by some of the team names, like: “Campaholics With a Biking Problem” or “Shift Happens” and “Single Track Minds”. One member of the “Duckin’ The Diapers” Team who was returning after competing (while pregnant) last year, didn’t duck them for long, as she returned with her new baby to ride this year.

“This is my fifth year participating in this race and considering I carried my son Lincoln inside me last year that has to make him the youngest racer to complete the course,” said a laughing Kristina Fjeld Sparks of Lyme, NH.

The defending overall champions (all North Country residents) from last year “One Speed Wonders” returned this year and finished second overall. Last year’s rain and washout conditions may have favored the team, which tackled the course on one speed bikes. “We absolutely love this event!” exclaimed Ben Mirkin, 36, of Bethlehem, NH, captain of the One Speed Wonders. “We’ve been doing this for seven years and last season not only won the overall race but the costume competition, too! I think last year’s weather was so bad that a lot of people struggled…but we’re just four guys from northern New Hampshire so were used to lots of mud and cold, wet conditions! In fact, how about a pirate or Viking theme for next year?” Mirkin enthusiastically said.

Depending on the individual team and racer’s level of competitive spirit and strategy, the course can be taken at a slow, measured pace or as an all out sprint. Considering that it’s a 24 hour race, it is surprising to see how many of the competitors seem to maintain a blistering pace throughout. Kyle Clark, of the “Clark Brothers” racing team had just returned from a lap, covered with mud and happily recounting his first fall to his teammates. “What a great course-if you want it, it can be really fast and I love the new features…and even when I went down it was easy!” he said with a chuckle.

While there were no serious injuries during the event, there are always a few scraped knees, which are proudly worn as a “red badge of courage”. Professional mountain bike racer Andrew Slowey, 25, of Martinsville, NJ, noted that it’s all part of competition. “I’m used to an all out 3 minute downhill sprint and there are some pretty spectacular wipeouts involved…this is nothing” he said, indicating his scraped knee. “I was going into a switchback turn around the 5 mile point, maybe a bit fast, hit some loose rocks and washed the front tire out. This is my first endurance race-I’m just used to going all out,” he said.

Amongst the activities in and around the expo tent were several equipment suppliers to the 24 hour endurance bike racing world. One of them was Tommy Bryant of Nite Rider (a bike lighting system manufacturer based in San Diego, CA) who was at the 24 Hours of Great Glen for the 6th time. “There are about sixty of these 24 hour races each year throughout the Unites States and I attend 42 of them. I definitely rate this event in the top 5. Nobody else does for families what is done here and with all the amenities and activities it really is more of a festival than just a bike race,” Bryant noted.

This was, of course, always the direction event organizers have been going over the years, as more and more families enjoy outdoor activities together. Besides the popular “24 Minutes of Great Glen” kid’s course, there were games and activities throughout the weekend, including free kayaking and stand up paddling on the Great Glen Pond and a movie night on Saturday.

“The 24 Hours of Great Glen has evolved over the years into a great family event and it’s really something to see some of the racers who were here 18 years ago still on the course with their own kids! Of course, some of them have dropped down into the 12 hour race,” said a smiling Howie Wemyss, GM of the Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center. “Still, a lot of ground is covered here in a very short time…Given that 16,000+ miles were pedaled during the 24 hour event, that would equal 1,992 trips up the Mt. Washington Auto Road, or nearly 2/3 of the way around the globe!”

More than $7,000 in cash and prizes were awarded in a variety of categories, including: Performance awards, Camp Site Award, Team Costume Award, Fastest Lap Awards and more. A bike raffle and Cruiser Class raffle was also held.

The 24 Hours of Great Glen was presented by Eastern Mountain Sports. Other sponsors include Dasani, Nite Rider Lighting, Coca-Cola, The Bike Shop, Hammer Nutrition, Powerade, VDO, SRAM, Felt, Red Jersey Cyclery, Light and Motion and Exposure Lights.

For more complete results, photos or other information about the event call 603-466-2333

New Pontoon Bridge and Course Elements Revealed for Beach Party Themed 24/12 Hours of Great Glen Bike Race


 Course preparation has been ongoing for 2 months and will result in a more rain proof track along with major changes in the 9 mile circuit.  Only 2 sections from the old course will remain with the rest laid out using new trail pieces along with directional changes.  One of the changes will result in the use of an Over-Under Bridge that will add an interesting element sure to be enjoyed by spectators as well as racers.  Additionally an optional floating pontoon bridge is being constructed that will enable those taking advantage of it to “short-cut” the normal course by several hundred yards and is guaranteed to be a new photo opportunity as well as a challenging new addition to the already entertaining layout.

Registration will remain open through August 7th.  An event t-shirt will be given to the first 450 participants. Campsites and BBQ tickets for participating teams are free and are included with your entry.

For more information or to register for the 24 hours of Great Glen, please call (603) 466-2333 or find us online at http://www.24hoursofgreatglen.com  

Beach Party Themed “24/12 Hours of Great Glen” Bike Race

ggt_logoMore than 80 teams have registered to compete in this year’s 24/12 Hours of Great Glen Bike race on August 10-11th. This year’s Beach Party theme will bring the ocean to the mountains, with everything from tropical themed costumes and activities to a floating, sectional pontoon bridge. Teams can enjoy this whirlwind for the full 24 hour classic or try the 12 hour version-there’s even a “24 Minutes of Great Glen” race for the kids!


Other activities planned for the weekend, include: an evening bonfire and lots more going on under the festival tent, including catering by Moat Mountain and the Fwhatza Marimba Band. There will be a Kid’s Movie Night, free kayaking on the Great Glen Pond and both the Glen View Café and Outfitters Shop will be open for business as
part of the Expo under the tent.


All kinds of great prizes will be awarded in a variety of categories, including: Camp Site Award; Team Costume Award; Fastest Lap Awards and more. A bike raffle (must be present to win) and Cruiser Class raffle will also be held. Volunteers for all or part of the weekend are still needed, for which lunch and an event shirt will be provided.


Creative team names have always been a part of the 24 Hours of Great Glen and this year is no exception. Some of the more amusing ones include: “Single Track Minds”; “Shift Happens”; “Asses and Elbows” “Ducking the Diapers” and a particular favorite among the Great Glen staff:
“99 Problems and a Beach Aint One”.


“This is definitely the most entertaining event we have all season. The beach theme, which will carry through the entire event, has really inspired some clever team names,” noted Great Glen Trails and Auto Road Event Director Kim Hoyt. “We can’t wait to see what they come up with for the costumes and decorated campsites competition-and of course the staff will be here as ‘Lifeguards of the Glen’ “.


Registration will remain open through August 7th.  An event t-shirt will be given to the first 450 participants. It is recommended that BBQ tickets and campsites be purchased in advance (and will be available on a first come, first served basis).


For more information or to register for the 24 hours of Great Glen in 2012,
please call (603) 466-2333 or find us online at http://www.24hoursofgreatglen.com  


Mt. Washington Valley’s First Ever Sunset Kayak Tour Offered by Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center


Late day into sunset brings a whole new environment of sights, sounds and wildlife to Mt. Washington Valley’s local rivers. But since most kayak tours tend to take place in the first half of the day, the quiet end of the day is a largely unknown to area paddlers.

As a partial remedy to that, Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center is offering a first for the area-a guided sunset tour along a pristine stretch of the Androscoggin River on Tuesday, July 16th.


Kayaks, paddles and personal flotation devices are all supplied, as well as the area’s most experienced guides. In fact, Great Glen Trails Program and Paddling Manager Nate Harvey also serves as a member and instructor for the area’s elite White Mountain Swiftwater Rescue Team.


While a variety of tours (both calm and whitewater) are offered by Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, the sunset tours are unique unto themselves. “It really is a special time of day to be out on the water. It’s generally calm, the light is great and the wildlife typically becomes more active as dusk approaches. It’s our intimate knowledge of these rivers that allows us to comfortably and safely manage the logistics of a sunset paddle. It’s an experience not to be missed,” said Nate Harvey.


To make reservations or for more information about the sunset or other kayak tours being offered by Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center or other programs and operational info, please call 603-466-2333 or online at http://www.greatglentrails.com

Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center Hosts Women’s Winter Escape Weekend January 19th -20th


 Planned For and By Women Only–Men Need Not Apply!


PINKHAM NOTCH, NH-The ever popular Women’s Winter Escape Weekend will take place this year on Jan 19th and 20th at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center. The event will include clinics in classic and skate skiing, pre-and post-exercise sessions, yoga, snowshoeing, a wax clinic, a presentation on nutrition, and a fashion show. Opportunities to ski and snowshoe throughout Great Glen’s fun and varied trail system with other attendees, as well as try the snow tubing hill will make for a memorable weekend. All meals are included for the weekend and massages (separate fee) will also be available onsite.

The cost for all the weekend activities, including trail passes, equipment rentals and meals is only $150 per person and there are still slots available  for those interested in participating.Our Women’s Winter Escape Weekend features world-class instruction from both Olympians and multi-year ski instructors.  A variety of classic and skate clinics will provide instruction for varying ability levels, from first-time skiers through advanced.


“This  weekend is a great opportunity to share Nordic skiing programs tailored for women, while enjoying the company of like-minded outdoor winter enthusiasts in a most beautiful setting…ultimately, it’s really just a lot of fun!” noted Ski School Director and Olympian Sue Wemyss.


The program is limited to 20 participants, so reserve your place as soon as possible.

For more information on the program elements or to sign up for Women’s Winter Escape Weekend, call Great Glen Trails at 603-466-3988 or online at http://www.greatglentrails.com

Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center
Rt. 16, Pinkham Notch
Gorham, NH 03581








PINKHAM NOTCH, NHTD Bank Kids Ski Fest will be returning to Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center on Sunday, January 13th with a great opportunity for kids and families to enjoy a day of winter fun, with some of the best early season conditions in years!


Presented in conjunction with the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA), the TD Bank Kid’s Ski Fest is geared towards kids of elementary to middle school age. No preregistration is necessary and all activities and rentals for kids are free with a trail pass.  Trail passes for participating kids and adults will be $5 (vs. $19 regularly). Rentals for participating parents will be $10.


The day’s activities and games will include Steve’s Awesome Obstacle Course, Classic Team Sprint Relays, group games, treats to eat at the Cabin, a lollipop race for the youngest skiers and more.  Kids who are first time skiers will be able to take a free mini-lesson to get started, and then join the game sessions on skis. As they are on a daily basis at Great Glen, the Trails Tracker creature hunt and the snow tubing hill are also available for more activity and fun.


“The TD Bank Kids Ski Fest is a wonderful showcase for all the enjoyable winter activities families can do at Great Glen.  Last year we welcomed hundreds of kids here to take part  in the weekend long BKL Festival; this year we hope to welcome many back for this one day Ski Fest of similar activities,” said Sue Wemyss, Cross Country Olympian and Great Glen Trails Ski School Director. “This is also a great way to participate in the national “No Child Left Inside” Campaign which is helping to encourage kids around the country to be more active during the winter months,” Wemyss added.


The 2013 Schedule is as follows:


9:00 am-1 pm Registration opens, rental equipment pickup
9:30-10:00 am First time skiers’ mini-lesson: how to put on equipment, turn skis, snowplow, and get up from a fall
10:15-10:40 am Games on skis, morning session
11:00 am Classic Team Sprint Relays; cross age groups (grades 1-9), Teams picked randomly.
12:00 noon Lollipop Race (preschool up to Grade 2)
12:30-1:00 pm Lunch Break
1:00-1:30 pm First time skiers’ mini-lesson: how to put on equipment, turn skis, snowplow, and get up from a fall
1:45-2:15 pm Games on skis, afternoon session
2:15 pm Ski tour to the Great Angel cabin
2:00-3:00 pm Treats at Great Angel


Ongoing:  Steve’s Awesome Obstacle Course (on skis), Trails Tracker, snow tubing, trail skiing.


For more information call Great Glen Trails at (603) 466-3988 or visit online at www.greatglentrails.com and look under family programs, or visit the New England Nordic Ski Association website at www.nensa.net





Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center
Rt. 16, Pinkham Notch
Gorham, NH 03581

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Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center | Rt. 16, Pinkham Notch | Gorham, NH | NH | 03581





 As Mt. Washington Valley landscapes transition into a whiter shade of trail, another pre-season of outdoor winter activity is well underway at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center on Route 16 in Pinkham Notch. The timing is also perfect for the annual Nordic Warm Up Series, which begins on Tuesday, Dec. 11th.

The Nordic Warm Up Series is conducted by Olympian and Great Glen Trails Ski School Director Sue Wemyss and will take place on Dec. 11th, Dec. 18th, and January 1st from 10-11:30 am, with an optional wax clinic being held from 9-10 am. It is open to all, age 16 and over and will cost $60 for the three week program or $25 for a single session, all of which include a trail pass for the day.

“It’s an opportunity to get back into good skiing form and reacquaint your body with cross country skiing muscle movement patterns and activities to improve your technique. With or without snow we will have an opportunity to prepare for the coming season and the Nordic Meister Series, which begins January 8th,” Wemyss observed.

There’s a lot of buzz in the Nordic skiing world right now, following the recent results in World Cup competition in Sweden which found the US Women’s Cross Country team on the podium for the first time ever. In addition to that, Great Glen Trails is participating in the national “No Child Left Inside” campaign, which is designed to get young people out to enjoy Nordic winter activities.

Group size is limited and reservations are suggested for the Nordic Warm Up series. For more information or to sign up email Sue at: sue@greatglentrails.com , or call Great Glen Trails at 603-466-2333, or go online to: http://www.greatglentrails.com

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Great Glen Craft Fair will be November 24th at Great Glen Trails Lodge


For More Information

Contact: Mike Lane


Event will include More than 30 Local Crafters, a Bake Sale and Benefit Raffle


The 12th Annual Great Glen Craft Fair will be held at the Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center lodge on Route 16 in Pinkham Notch on
Saturday, November 24 from 9am to 3pm.

More than 30 talented crafters and artisans will be on site with their diverse array of handmade offerings. Also included in the day will be a bake sale and a benefit raffle which will support the Great Glen Trails Bill Koch Youth Ski League.

Some of the Mt. Washington Valley’s best known crafters will be in attendance, including: Ed Good

Woodworking, featuring a woodturning demonstration; Karen Eisenberg, Jeweler; R&R Woodworkers, Adirondack Furniture; Pamela Sweeney, Functional Fused Glass; Ursula Forsythe, Wreaths & Kissing Balls and Janet Dukee Prescott of Sally Bags will be on hand. Knitted goods, soap products, holiday ornaments, hiking sticks, embroidered items and much more will be among the offerings.


“The Great Glen Craft Fair has become quite a showcase of some of the Valley’s most talented artisans during the past 12 years, offering both locals and the traveling public an opportunity to meet the artist and purchase unique, handcrafted items at great prices,” said Great Glen Trails Event Director Mike Lane. “We are especially pleased that the bake sale and raffle benefit the Great Glen Bill Koch Youth Ski League, which is an organization that has brought a lot of young people and their families into the sport of cross country skiing”.


Admission to the Great Glen Craft Fair is free and the Glen View Café (with the best views in the state of NH!) will be open for lunch. For more information about the Great Glen Craft Fair call Mike Lane at Great Glen Trails at 466-2333 or online at http://www.greatglentrails.com


Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center
Rt. 16, Pinkham Notch
Gorham, NH 03581