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Fall in Mt Washington Valley NH

The past few days the colors have begun to pop on the trees.  Each day I see the leaves becoming more vibrant and colorful.  I have a 22 mile ride to and from work each day from West Ossipee to North Conway and the scenery is magnificent.  I got home last night and went for a motorcycle ride after playing with the dog and it was just about dusk.  The colors at this time were amazing and I thought about how I could share this with you.

Well on the ride to work this morning I brought my Flip Video recorder with me and stopped at Chocorua Lake to take some video.  Now this morning was not the best of days as I was in and out of rain on the way in, but the rain stopped long enough for me to record these videos.  Click on this link for video one and this link for video two.  When I stopped to record these there was only one car in the pull off and it was from Missouri.  People from all over the US come to our great state to see the splendor of our fall foliage.

What’s your favorite spot for foliage viewing?



Motorcycling in the North Country of NH

This coming weekend I have plans to go on a group ride with other motorcyclists from NH on a northern route ride.  My plan is to leave Ossipee in the morning and ride into Conway and then go up route 16/302 into Bartlett.  Once in Bartlett I’ll continue on route 302 up through Crawford Notch and past the AMC Highland Center, Mount Washington Resort and Bretton Woods.  From there, I’ll pass the entrance road to The Cog and make my way to a meeting point in Twin Mountain.  From Twin Mountain we’ll ride up to Jefferson where Santa’s Village is located and then across to Gorham Berlin area.  Once in Berlin we’ll stop for Ice Cream then head south to Pinkham Notch past the Mt Washington Auto Road, Great Glen Trails,  Wildcat Ski Area and the AMC Joe Dodge Lodge.  There is a plan to stop for a group picture at one of the picturesque turn offs then back to North Conway area via Jackson.

At this time the weather outlook for the weekend is great, so if you’re planning a trip to the Mt Washington Valley area for some sight seeing and foliage peeping, then this would be a great weekend to do so.


Food, Rain, Wind and Mud in Mt Washington Valley

This weekend had plenty to offer for those living and visiting Mt Washington Valley.

Friday morning the Mud Bowl kicked off and ran through Sunday and the championship games.  The rain from Hanna on Saturday night helped the field for the mudbowl, but stayed off long enough for the first Annual Fields on the Saco event to go off tremendously.

Speaking of the rains from Hanna, we moved our daughter back to college for her senior year at Endicott and got to drive home 3 hours in the pouring rain Saturday evening.  There were times just seeing the yellow and white lines on the road were near to impossible.

Hanna pushed out in the early hours of Sunday allowing beautiful blue skies for a (windy) motorcycle ride to North Conway and Settlers’ Green OVP to see the annual MWV Old Car Club car and motorcycle show.  The cars were great as always and fun to see.  Not many motorcycles to see though, it made me think I should have entered mine as there was only one “nice” chopper and the rest were run of the mill bikes.  Honda VTX1300C

What did you do this weekend?


Labor Day Weekend in Mt Washington Valley

Well, another beautiful 3 day weekend has passed and what fun it was.  We had company up for the weekend and enjoyed the beautiful area in which we live.

Friday night was relaxing with cooking on the grill and staying in.  Saturday morning though the activities began.  Mary Ellen and our friend Donna went hiking at Dianas Baths in North Conway off West Side Rd, while Jeff and I went off to the driving range.  When we got back to the house the ladies were still out so Jeff and I set up horseshoes at the new house.

The ladies got back a bit later and we got together some appetizers as we were going to a neighborhood party that we were invited to so we could meet some of our new neighbors.  Well, the party was fun and it was at one of the houses right on the runway.  Afterwards we went out for more late night appetizers at the Whittier House.

Sunday we loaded up the kayaks and went over to Chocorua Lake.  Jeff and I went out first and when we got back Mary Ellen and Donna took the kayaks out.  While they were out the wind picked up and actually had some whitecaps on the lake.  While coming back if they stopped paddling, the wind would push them backwards!  After kayaking we decided to go as a group to the driving range again.  Mary Ellen and Donna enjoyed this and Mary Ellen got to try her clubs out.  Last year Mary Ellen played golf with me once at Eagle Mt House and Golf Course.  After we got back we went over to Wolfeboro and had dinner at a restaurant right on the shores of Lake Winnepesauke.

Monday our friends left early after breakfast to avoid much of the traffic heading south.  Mary Ellen and I geared up and took the motorcycle out to North Conway for some shopping and relaxing.  Mary Ellen needed some supplies for her classroom so that was our first stop at Lowes, then once that was done we headed up the North South Rd to The Met for a coffee.  While there we met our friend Mike who along with his partner Sal own Salvatore Michaels Framed Art Superstore and Soyfire Candle.  While talking with Mike we also ran into our friend Kate who was in the village with family.

On the way home we passed many political signs as it is that time of year again.  We also passed Coldwell Banker Wright Realty where our friend Sean Bossie works.  Sean is the one who was instrumental in getting our blog up and running so that we could post these tidbits of our lives in the valley.

Hope everyones weeekend was a good one.  Care to share your weekend adventure with us?


My “local” vacation in Mt Washington Valley

Well I took some time off recently and what better way to spend it than to stay local with all we have here than go somewhere else.

Last Wednesday my wife, daughter and I went to Wildcat Ski Area and went on the Scenic Gondola and Zip ride to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday.  The Zip Ride was great and certainly something everyone needs to try once, even those like me that do not like heights too much.  On the way home we saw a moose on the side of route 16 in Pinkham Notch.  We then went to Decades for dinner and drinks with my now legal 21 year old.

This week I took 3 more days off to make my weekend a 5 day weekend.  It started off with a coed hockey tournament at Ham Arena where I skated in 4 hockey games in a little more than 24 hours.  Boy was I tired! 

Monday my wife and I went over the “Kanc” to Franconia Notch to meet friends from MA who have a place at Waterville Valley and rode our bikes from the Basin up to Cannon Mountain and the “Old Man of the Mountain” site.  It took about an hour plus to ride up the hills and not quite 30 minutes to coast down.  We even saw a moose on the way home on the Kanc (look for my video to be posted Friday). 

Tuesday was different and we did some house things in the morning due to weather and then came to North Conway for Flatbreads and a movie.  Later that night I skated in another hockey game at Ham Arena that Laurel from Chinook Cafe puts together each week.

Wednesday we finally got the motorcycle out and rode to North Conway for coffee at The Met and lunch at Chef’s Market, Bryant out did himself again with the duck dish he prepared for a TV show he was taping the day before.  We then decided due to high winds we would not ride into Crawford Notch and went the scenic route home through Fryeburg, Brownfield, Eaton and Freedom before arriving in West Ossipee.  All in all a 70 mile ride on a perfect weather day.

Hockey again tonight, Thursday night league at Ham Arena – more later…

Where do you vacation locally?


Motorcycles in Mt Washington Valley

2004 VTX1300
2004 VTX1300

I had a chance Sunday morning to take the bike out for a ride as the weather has been pretty dismal lately.  Since moving to West Ossipee I have found a new loop to take which is a short but fun ride.

I head down Ossipee Lake road and go past Danforth Bay Camping Resort and the Bluffs at Danforth Bay down to Route 153 in Freedom and take a right.  From there I go past Bobby Sues Ice cream and out to route 25.  I go right onto 25 and head west and pass Lazy Susan’s Restaurant until I reach route 16 and head north.  On 16 I pass by Indian Mound Golf Course, the Pizza Barn and the old Mt Whittier Ski area before turning onto route 41 and back to Ossipee Lake Road.

The weather was a bit questionable and I only did this loop, but other times I’ve stretched this out by continuing on 41 and 113 until I get into Madison and take East Madison Road until I get to King Pine Ski Area and Camp Tohkomeupog then I head route 153 south until I reach Ossipee Lake Rd and head back that way.

Do you have a ride you want to share?


Kayaks and places to go in Mt Washington Valley

I recently went to a comedy show at Cranmore Resort and one of the comedians talked about how he was going to get bike and kayak racks for his car and load them up so he could look like he led an active lifestyle.  He had no intent on using the bike or kayak, just wanted to look like he was either going to or returning from an activity. Funny thing, I feel as though I resemble that joke too much lately.

After years of my wife and I renting Kayaks to go on the Saco river from Saco Bound in Center Conway, we broke down and bought two new Azul Kayaks from EMS.  Of course we had to now go out and buy racks for my Jeep as it did not come from the factory with them.  So off I go to Crest Auto World and order some new factory racks so I can carry the Kayaks.  Then I had to get the Thule Stacker to hold the Kayaks up on the new factory racks.

So as of this date, a month has passed and not once have I used my new racks.  We have used the kayaks twice, once my wife and I went on Chocorua Lake which is absolutely beautiful. The second time it was my wife and daughter who took them out on Chocorua Lake.  I will say to my defense, there has been a lot of rain lately getting in my way.

I have been out on my motorcycle and mountain bike though!  I guess the comedians joke may not be right on track for me, but it is too close; where is the good weather!


Doug’s Ride for North Conway NH

2004 VTX1300
2004 VTX1300

I am an avid motorcyclist in Mt Washington Valley.  I bought my 2004 VTX from Profile Powersports along with many other accessories for my bike.  I have also purchased items from Whitehorse Gear who carry great motorcycle related products.

Some of the rides I like to take are on the Kancamagus (the Kanc), Route 302 up through Crawford Notch towards the Mount Washington Resort and up Route 16 through Pinkham Notch past Wildcat Ski Area and the Mount Washington Auto Road.

Let me know what your favorite ride or destination in Mt Washington Valley is.