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Ukulele Workshop and Festival at the World Fellowship Center

world fellowship center 2Join the World Fellowship Center daily from July 16th-23rd for their Ukulele Workshop and Festival, located at 368 Drake Hill Road in Albany. Each day of the workshop and festival is an opportunity to begin or strengthen ukulele skills, meet ukulele players of all levels, and enjoy ukulele music!
Daily Schedule:
  • 9 – 9:30 am: SOS for Ukulele Starters
    Get help borrowing ukuleles, tuning, holding, strumming, or making simple chord shapes and you’ll be ready for:
  • 9:45 – 10:45 am: Sing & Strum Circle with Tips and Embellishments.
    For all levels.
  • 11 – noon: Expanding Playing Horizons
    Add to your repertoire of intermediate moves and styles, or take in what may be next.
  • 4:30 – 5:30 pm: Music Jam
    For all, on the lawn. Includes Dan Lynn Watt, Molly Lynn Watt, and Shana Aisenberg, multi-instrumentalist and coauthor of The Complete Ukulele Method.

world fellowship centerFor more information on the workshops and festival, call 603-447-2280 or visit worldfellowship.org.


Repair or revitalize your instrument

Repair or revitalize your instrument at North Conway Music Center

Repair and Revitalize your Instrument

Having trouble playing? Instrument feel different or hard to use? North Conway Music Center has three professionally trained repair persons on staff to meet your needs.
Bring your instrument in for a free analysis and price quote. Our work is guaranteed, our turn-around time is often quite fast, and our repair prices are reasonable. We’ll work within your budget and explain the difference between what has to be done, and what would be nice to get done.
Call us at (603) 356-3562 or drop by today!
Brian Charles
Brian is the owner of North Conway Music Center and a 30 year veteran of repair. He is a well known oboe and bassoon specialist, with training in all woodwinds.
Ginny Dodge
Virginia is a recent graduate of the renowned Red Wing repair technicians program in Minnesota. She brings her warmth and energy to our brass and woodwind repair department.
Beau Chadinha
Beau is a trained luthier (string repairman) with a thriving custom shop and guitar making company of his own. He’s here 4 days a week and will do many repairs and adjustments right on the spot. For fret dressing, neck resetting and more complicated work, his turn around time is often less than two weeks.
Take that clarinet or ukulele out of the closet and lets
get you playing again!
Bring your pro level instrument to us for fast, 
convenient service at a fraction of the cost and 
time it would take to bring it down to Boston.
We look forward to seeing you!
Instruments, accessories, repairs, rentals and lessons 
1976 White Mountain Highway in the center of North Conway
(603) 356-3562
Monday to Friday 10 to 6
Saturday 10 to 5
Sunday 11 to 4
Save 25%
Guitar stands are on sale this week for 25% off the marked price.
We have discount tables out front everyday, with a variety of discounted products, books, cases and more. Stop by to take a look!