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NH Live Free and Start Survey

Live Free and Start is conducting a survey of New Hampshire business to learn how businesses use the internet and whether they have sufficient and reliable access to high-speed internet (broadband). As a valued member of the New Hampshire business community,  they would appreciate your input to this important project. The results of this survey will be used to help attract and retain businesses and to assist policy-makers to advance the availability, adoption, and affordability of high-speed internet (broadband) throughout the state. This survey is a collaborative effort among several New Hampshire organizations and is being administered by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.


You may have received this survey earlier when they conducted a randomized survey of all New Hampshire businesses. If so and you completed the survey, you may disregard this invitation. If you have not received the survey or did not have a chance to complete it already, please take the time to complete this brief survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes to finish. Your participation is essential in understanding the high-speed internet (broadband) use and needs of New Hampshire businesses.

Link to Survey

You are encouraged to forward this link on to your business colleagues in New Hampshire so that they can participate as well.  The survey link will remain open until February 22, 2018.